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How to Get All 5 Amigos | Locations – Far Cry 6

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

A great addition to the Far Cry franchise, the 6th game of the series has decided it’s time to get us some companions for our genocidal quests, and of course they are animals. In the new Far Cry 6 you can get yourself 5 animal “amigos” that can help you out around the map by either distracting or attacking your enemies. So, of course you’d want them to help you out! And here is exactly where you can get them from and how you make them join you!

Far Cry 6: How to Get All 5 Amigo – Locations

As I said earlier, there are 5 Amigos you can recruit during your gameplay. They are:

  1. Guapo the Crocodile

If you get the “Juan of a Kind” quest from Clara Garcia in Quito you will automatically get Guapo when finding Juan in Armonia. You will see it on the map.

  1. Chorizo the Dog

We have done a whole guide on how to get Chorizo that you can find right here. If you want a quick reminder on how to do it:

Go to Costa del Mar and do the “Who’s a Good Boy?” questline.

  1. Boom Boom the Dog

If you go to Camp Maximas at the location shown above, in the Balaceras region, you will find a note talking about abandoned American weapons.

You will then get a quest called “Boom or Bust” that will send you close by and you will be able to recruit Boom Boom here.

  1. Chicharron the Rooster

If you look at Sierra Perdida, to the Southern part of it, you will see the “Man’s Best Enemy” side quest that you can get from Reinaldo Alvarez.

If you do this quest you will get at the end of it the punkist rooster Chicharron.

  1. Oluso the Panther

Maybe the hardest Amigo to get, Oluso can be recruited after you’ve collected 3 relics and have delivered them to his cave.

If you get Ida’s Triada Relic in Lozania, Oku’s Triada Relic in Cruz del Salvador and Mimo Abosi’s in La Joya, you will be able to enter the Oluwa Cave in Quito.

That is where you will recruit Oluso, the “ghost cat”.

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