Lavender Ribbon Cookies Delivered – Destiny 2

Time to meet Saint-14 during the Dawning.

After days of intense shooting with your enemies, you and your friends can also enjoy the experience of encountering delicious cookies in Destiny 2.

The annual holiday event of Destiny 2, the Dawning, is now back in the game. However, the game made it a little different this year. Instead of taking down the opponents by the use of space magic, players are now called to produce cookies for the various game characters.

One of the treats you will be asked to make is the Lavender Ribbon Cookie. Find out how to accomplish this task, and complete the first batch of cookies. 

How to Make Lavender Ribbon Cookies

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Before you can even get a hold of your cookies, you must first figure out the recipe and how to find the needed ingredients.

Basically, you just have to obtain 1x Vex Milk, 1x Personal Touch, and 12x Essence of Dawning. Let’s find out where you can get these and proceed to make one.

How to Get Vex Milk

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The first ingredient will be Vex Milk. To get one, go to Artifact’s Edge. Once you get there, you will see the Goblins roaming around the area. Take them down to get inside the location.

As you enter, you will be welcomed by several opponents so you better be careful on your way inside. Keep taking down these enemies until one of them drops a Vex Milk. Remember that you only need one so you can immediately leave the area once you have it.

How to Get Personal Touch

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The material called Personal Touch can be obtained by successfully doing a melee kill. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

As you are wandering inside the area, you can brave yourself and take down some enemies by using melee attacks. Although you can still use your gun, just make sure that the final blow will be a melee attack. After this, the enemy will drop a Personal Touch.

How to Get Essence of Dawning

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To get this ingredient, you must finish any event, strike, or activity.

One way to do this is by going to the Lake of Shadows and finding the taken source. Completing this will grant you the Essence of Dawning.

Making the Lavender Ribbon Cookie

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After you collect the ingredients, it is now the time to bake the cookie. To do this, simply access the Quests tab, and select Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1.

Once you are there, click on the Recipes, then look for the Lavender Ribbon Cookies. Make this by right-clicking the cookie.


Source: ZaFrostPet

The cookie is now done. Time to go to Courtyard and find Saint-14.

From the marked location, look around and follow the waypoints. These will take you to the location of Saint-14. Once you meet him, approach him and click Give Gift.

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