Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters

All 15 Monsters in one guide!

The premise of Lethal Company revolves around the daring pursuit of scavenging for valuable scrap on deserted moons. Yet, in this seemingly straightforward endeavor, the game introduces a suspenseful twist. There are various nightmarish monsters in the game, each possessing unique and formidable characteristics.

Without knowing about them, unfortunately, you, my friend, are not going to last a day in the Company. That said, let’s take a look at this guide on how to kill & deal with all monsters in Lethal Company.

How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters

Lethal company includes some killable monsters, but some of them have abilities beyond your talents. But don’t worry. Because we will tell you where to fight, how to fight, and most importantly when to flee.

If you’re only looking for certain monsters, feel free to use the table of contents below.

Spore Lizard

Spore lizard is mostly more afraid of you than you are of it. It is not hostile unless you get too close. Even if you get too close, it will hiss at you first than bite you and spray pink fumes from its mouth which will slightly block your vision. But that is the worst thing it can do.

Hygroderes (The Slime)

The Hygroderes, commonly known as “The Slime,” presents a relatively low threat level in the world of Lethal Company due to their limited offensive capabilities.

Despite that, getting too close can quickly elevate the danger level since it can kill you instantly. When struck with a shovel or stop sign, it can grow larger, splitting the Slime into two separate entities. To counter The Slime effectively, you must stay on railings or other elevated structures.

This strategic positioning not only minimizes the risk of direct contact with the creature but also provides an advantageous point for dealing with it.

Hoarding Bug

Hoarder Bug is relatively harmless, considering it remains passive until you provoke it. Engaging with its territory by looting it triggers a hostile response, and once agitated, the Hoarder Bug displays increased speed as it charges towards you.

When confrontation becomes inevitable, you can effectively deal with the Hoarder Bug using combat measures. It is one of the creatures you can kill with a shovel or a traffic sign. Hitting them several times with a shovel or stop sign will proabably neutralize the threat.

However, it is important to assess the situation and choose combat wisely, considering factors such as the number of Hoarder Bugs present. In intense situations or when facing multiple Hoarder Bugs, a strategic retreat might be a viable option.

Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters: Hoarding Bug

Snare Flea

Snare flees are mostly located in the ceiling. Remember to look up and scan your surroundings, as the Snare Flea can hide in strategic spots. Getting too close to the Snare Flea poses a significant risk, as it can drop on your head and slowly inflict damage.

If a snare flea is on your head, you have several options to eliminate the threat. You can ask a teammate to save you by hitting it with a shovel or a stop sign, or alternatively, you can leave the building while it’s on your head. It will instantly die outside.

In dire situations where neither option is available, consider actions such as stepping on a landmine, running into a turret, or jumping into a pit. These extreme actions are unfortunate but may be necessary for your survival.

Baboon Hawk

Baboon Hawk is a nocturnal monster which is not hostile on its own and won’t harm you unless you get too close to its territory. But these creatures have a bad habit of stealing items. If you are alone, it might follow you on your path to return the ship to beat you and steal the item in your hand.

Also it is common for it to have friends near since it is a pack creature. If you cornered them to get your item back or other reason, they will take a stance to threaten as soon as they have a wall close their bak they will do a stance to threathen you.

Doesn’t sound intimidating? But it is. They will jump on you and damage you.

However, you can outrun them or stun them if you have the right tools with you. Additionally, you can take your item back if you encountered only one of them. It will drop the item if you walk towards to it with a team mate. It will back of if there is no wall behind its back.

The Thumper

The Thumper is a fast, hostile creature that will attack you as soon as it detects your presence. You can listen to heavy thumping to detect the Thumper in the area. If you hear that, it’s better to be careful.

The Thumper has excellent eyesight and can spot you from great distances within the structure. Leaving the building will help you create distance and reduce the immediate threat.If the Thumper has detected you and is actively chasing you, consider jumping onto a railing or an elevated surface.

From this point, you can hit the Thumper with a shovel or a stop sign. This way you can take advantage of the situation. It’s ability to navigate elevated terrain is limited. But if you cannot do that, you can use quick turns to outmaneuver the Tumper since it must stop to change direction.

Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters: The Thumper

Coil Head

The Coil Head is a tall, damaged mannequin with a coil as its neck, holding its head. It exhibits a different characteristic. It will stop as long as you look at it. But if you turn your head, it will resume movement. Breaking eye contact for even a moment can trigger the creature into action.

You must avoid the Coil Head altogether as a team. Unfortunately, there is currently no known method of killing this creature. Hitting it with a shovel is not adviced by players previosly tried that. Your safest course of action if you encounter the Coil Head is to evacuate the building.

If it blocks the way and it the chance of that happen is high, try to look away for short notices to move them with control. It might be accompanied by its friends and having multiple of these things might cause to panic in your team. Take a deep breath. If you stay calm, you can avoid it before it attacks.

Lethal Company: Coil Head

Bracken (Flower Man)

Bracken has a flower-like appearance. But indeed, not a pretty one. Sorry Bracken. It has an imposing figure with its white glowing eyes. This unpredictable, sneaky creature hides in the dark, and it is a challenge to spot him.

Nonetheless, if it spots you, it will follow you and possibly kill you before you know. It will snap your head, and the last thing you will see is its hands wrapping around it. Don’t worry because there is a way to detect its existence in the building.

If you see an empty padded room, it is probably this creature’s house. And if it has a house in the building, it may be watching silently at your back.

It doesn’t like to be looked at too much. According to some players, if you look a little longer, it will get provoked and start growing, as if it were not creepy enough already. It will go away if you manage not to look at it, but it will keep watching you.

Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters: Bracken (Flower Man)

On the other hand, some players suggest that staring in the face will affect the opposite way, and there is a chance for it to back off if you do that. Why not give it a try? Remember to inform us in the comment section below about how it turned out.

One other strategy to deal with Bracken is to position yourself in a good location on railings. By provoking Bracken and maintaining a secure position on railings, you may have a chance to kill the creature without putting yourself in immediate danger.

However, be aware that Bracken’s AI is highly intelligent and it may attempt to avoid confrontation by staying out of your sight. You can’t fight what you can’t see.Another approach involves a teammate armed with a zap gun.

If you have a teammate carrying this weapon, they can stun Bracken. This will provide you an opportunity to deliver powerful blows. If you are playing solo, you should avoid Bracken at all costs. Try leaving the building. Unless you especially want to face it alone.

Eyeless Dog

The Eyeless Dog typically spawns outside in wilderness areas. It usually appears late, but it can appear earlier in deserts like Offense or Assurance. Unless it is night, you can find it traveling alone. But at night, it is possible for them to travel in packs.

This creature’s distinguishing features include its lack of eyes. It relies on hearing and smelling for detection. If you run away from it, it will catch you. But since it can not see you and charges in a straight line, you can avoid it by making quick turns and using the environment to break line-of-sight.

The Eyeless Dog primarily relies on its hearing ability. Therefore, you can enhance your chances of survival by moving silently by crouching and minimizing noise in its vicinity. If it detects you, running to the ship might not be a good idea. It has a proabability to follow you in.

If it is not alone, remember they can alert each other. If it/they didn’t notice you, stay crouched and don’t use your mic. Try distracting them with a boombox. Also, buying an item might distract it/them with the noise delivery pot makes.

If you want to fight instead of flee. Having a teammate equipped with a zap gun can significantly aid in dealing with the Eyeless Dog. The stun effect from the zap gun provides an opportunity for you to strike with a shovel or a sign.

Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters: Eyeless Dog

Bunker Spider

In the game environment, be cautious of webs on the ground or walls, as they signal the presence of the Bunker Spider. The spider typically waits for its prey to become trapped in its webs before launching an attack.

If you manage to avoid getting caught in the web, you may observe the spider on the ceiling or wall, patiently awaiting an opportunity to strike.

Also, the Bunker spider exhibits rapid movement, relying on its quick movements to catch its prey. Additionally, they are able to block the way out by going through the vents.

It can outpace you if you are not sprinting. However, it will not attack if you don’t get so close to it. A way to defeat it is to go to the closest railings or pipes and crouch while staying on top of it. After that, you can kill it. It is a little tanky, so it will take approximately five or six hits to kill it.

Lethal Company: Bunker Spider

Forest Keeper

The Forest Keeper looks like a colossal plant or tree. It can be found outside, in forested areas on planets such as Vow or March. Nonetheless, these are not the only places it can spawn. It can see and detect you from great distances, making it a highly dangerous enemy.

The Forest Keeper’s movement is accompanied by heavy footsteps, which serve as an auditory indicator of its presence. When the creature detects you, it will chase you. Running to your ship, getting inside a building, or hiding under cover are good tactics for escaping.

But remember, staying close to the entrance is not recommended because, according to some players, there might be blind dogs accompanying them. As long as you are moving, it can not catch you because it chases you with arms moving slightly slower than your walking speed.

But climbing ladders or going up or down hills will slow you down, giving it the chance to catch you. If it catches you, it will slowly eat you. But don’t worry- your teammates can teleport you back to the ship or they can stun the Forest Keeper.

This will cause it to drop you. If you are lucky enough to see it before it sees you, you must stay hidden and try to escape its sight.

Forest Keeper from Lethal Company

Circuit Bees

Circuit bees in Lethal Company guard their hive and don’t attack unless they feel threatened. However, getting too close to them will make them hostile, and they will get mad if you try to grab the hive. They are capable of inflicting significant damage and killing you quickly.

If you are persistent about getting the hive, we recommend you do that with a teammate. This way, you can grab the hive and run to the ship while the other distracts them.

Circuit Bees are found on various planets with snow, such as Vow and March. They are particularly common in these environments. However, they cannot be located in Rend, Dine, and Titan. The bees are fast and aggressive and can swiftly eliminate unsuspecting survivors.

Earth Leviathan

In Lethal Company, the Earth Leviathan is the largest creature you may encounter. It resides in the deserts of Assurance and Offense, but sometimes it can spam in snowy areas.

This massive worm attacks by bursting from the ground, consuming its prey whole. If you and your team don’t want to be one of its preys, be aware of the big red dot on the radar. It serves as an immediate warning. Ignoring the radar warning can result unpleasantly.

Also, you can tell its existence by shaking the ground. If you feel an earthquake is happening, it is probably the best time to flee. If you spot one on your planet, escape before it is too late.

However, there is a slight chance to Earth Leviathan kills you and team mates inside the ship by jumping out below the ship when you’re starting to take off. To not loose your loots you can spread inside the ship.

Ghost Girl

Encountering the Ghost Girl in Lethal Company is a rare and ominous challenge. This spectral entity is known for haunting individual players. It results in potentially deadly consequences. According to some players, she is the only monster that can kill anywhere on the planet.

The Ghost Girl typically haunts one player at a time. She can decapitate them if they get too close or don’t run away at the right time. Keeping a safe distance is crucial for survival when the Ghost Girl is spotted. Also, if she is skipping at you, run in the other direction. That’s her killer move.

Observing her without getting too close allows for a short period of safety. However, she will start to chase you eventually. If she catches you, decapitation follows, and the entity moves on to the next living teammate.

Lethal Company: How To Kill & Deal With All Monsters: Ghost Girl

Nonetheless, she will probably focus on one target, and you don’t necessarily have to end the run. Unless she draws too much attention, causing you to lose your focus on the mission. Muffled sounds and distorted surroundings are signs that you are being targeted.

Your teammates can provide crucial assistance since the Ghost Girl prefers to haunt solo or separated players. Remaining alone or separated from teammates increases the risk of being targeted, leading to potentially fatal consequences.

The Ghost Girl is a rare enemy that can spawn on various planets, with a higher likelihood on Rend, Dine, and Titan. This ethereal figure, resembling a backward-facing little girl in a dress, possesses an eerie and evil presence. To counter her, leaving the moon immediately upon detection is recommended.


Upon spotting the Jester, immediate action is necessary. This mysterious figure will follow you for approximately 20 seconds without initiating any hostile actions. However, after this period, the Jester will begin to spin its handle, accompanied by louder and more distorted music.

Lethal Company: Jester

Around 40 seconds later, a giant, frightening monster head will emerge. It is highly important for you to get out of the building before this happens. Spending more time at the building will reduce your chance of survival. It will get faster until it outpaces you.

If you don’t go out of the building, it will start chasing you and will not give up until it catches and kills you. Jester in Lethal Company is mainly found on the planets Rend, Dine, and Titan, often residing in mansions but occasionally appearing in facilities as known.

Getting out of the facility and not getting for a while as a team might reset Jester to its normal mode. While waiting for it to calm down you can carry your loots to ship.

Lethal Company: Jester

These are the monsters in Lethal Company; now, you have the most important weapon you can have. The information! Thanks for reading this guide on how to kill & deal with all monsters in Lethal Company.

If you have comments on how to deal with monsters or you encountered other characteristics than currently known, feel free to share with us!

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