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Lost Ark: All Rare Monster Locations in Loghill Guide

Unlock all the rare monsters in Loghill!

There are a lot of monsters that you can defeat and encounter in the Lost Ark. Defeating monsters can increase your level and make you stronger. Aside from common monsters, you may encounter rare monsters that are stronger compared to their common counterparts. Below is the location of all the Rare Monsters you can find in Loghill. 

Alpha White Readbeak

The Alpha White Readbeak is the rare and stronger version of the White Readbeak. You can find this rare monster near the stone ruins in Loghill. It is accompanied by other White Readbeaks so be sure you have AoE skills to take them all out at once. 

Toxiclaw Explorer

The Toxiclaw Explorer can be found south of the Archbishop Statue Ruins. It is accompanied by other Toxiclaw Robbers. You need to fight them in an open area with the stone slate on the ground. You can lure them into a corner and take them out all at once to defeat them easily. 

Alpha Croclaw

The Alpha Croclaw can be found just outside the Kolsh Ruins. The Alpha Croclaw is surrounded by other enemies but you can easily take it out from afar if needed. 

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