Lost Ark: Honing Calculator Complete Guide

If you want to become stronger and better in Lost Ark, you will need to upgrade and hone your gear!

Lost Ark is a game that follows your leveling up and stats increase. As you become a higher level, you will require a higher and better level of gear in order to be able to proceed further and finish all sorts of dungeons, quests, raids etc.

As you might reach the endgame and leveling up is not a choice any more, well now the honing and upgrading of your gear comes into action. Let me show you a way how to calculate your Honing.

Honing Calculator Complete Guide – Lost Ark

First of all, to be able to calculate your gear and hone it to perfection, you will need to use Maxroll’s upgrade calculator. There are all sorts of questions about how to use it correctly. Let’s go through some of them.

Let’s say you will have a starting gear +8 and honing it up to +15 with a Tier2 weapon. Then you will go to Stronghold research, and tick T2 extra chance and lower feed cost. Then just press Add.

Now you can see the pricing and the currency. You can add or remove numbers in silver, gold, shards(for these you will have to see the current market prices in your server). Find out about your prices and then just add them like a value number in this table.

Make sure that you don’t put the price for 10 items, just put the price for 1. Example 0.3 for 3 Destruction Stone.

In the calculator you just put the price for 1 unit, no matter what it is.

For books of course you will put the normal price, because it is only 1 item per buy/sell.

Now, this calculator will count for you how much resource do you need to get from +8 into +15, as well as what you should use as resource, and when.

To know when you need to use it, just press the little arrow pointing down next to the weapon table. Here it will show you how much you should use on the first tab and then count it as you go down all these 4 tabs.

This works with every type of Tier Item. Just add the amount of levels you want to hone it, add the resources and the prices from your market and walla! It will count it for you. Have fun honing!

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