Lost Ark: How to get Disgorged Lump | Crafting Guide

Craft the Protein-Packed White Bird Stew!

There are multiple items that you can cook in Lost Ark. The NPC called Hely offers delicious cuisines that you can cook once you have the required ingredients. Below are the required ingredients for cooking the Protein-Packed White Bird Stew. 

Protein-Packed White Bird Stew

You can craft or cook this cuisine by approaching Hely in Prideholme. This cuisine is full of protein and is made with white bird meat. There are also rumors that there is no white bird meat used in the stew itself. It is available for crafting in Prideholme using a Disgorged Lump and 1400 Silver. 

Where to Find Disgorged Lump

You can find the Disgorged Lump in Loghill, south of the East Oratory. You will need to search the bushes here for a local specialty. Once you finish investigating the bushes, you will get a Disgorged Lump. A Disgorged Lump is an uncommon item. This is the lump of vomit that the White Birds in Loghill use to feed their babies. 

You cannot sell the item and you cannot dismantle it. This item is commonly found near the White Birds residing near the chapel. Go back to Hely to craft the Protein-packed White Bird Stew. 

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