Lost Ark: What Is The Best Class?

Which class is the meta?

The Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG that allows players to team up and fight world bosses or engage in a PvE and fight against one another. There are 5 base classes and 15 advanced classes you can choose from and you cannot change your advanced class after choosing so think carefully!

Warrior Class

The Warrior class is one of the melee types of base class in the game. You can choose to become a Berserker if you would like to deal heavy damage in the game. However, this advanced warrior class is slow and can be susceptible to damage. 

The Paladin is the advanced warrior class you can choose from if you would like to excel in crowd control. This type of advanced warrior class can be challenging but it can be one of the best support classes in the game. Lastly, if you like tanking all the damage you can, you can choose the Gunlancer class. 

Martial Artist Class

The Martial artist is another type of melee base class that specializes in quick attacks on enemies. Strikers are one of the advanced classes that deal burst damage to enemies. Wardancers on the other hand is an advanced class that is highly mobile and quick. However, they are vulnerable to damage so you need to learn how to dodge enemy attacks quickly. 

Scrappers is an advanced class in the Martial Artist class that is more balanced beginner-friendly. However, they are slower than the first two classes. If you would like to have a bit of everything, you can choose the Soulfist advanced class. This class is highly mobile but not as vulnerable as the Wardancers. 

Gunner Class

The Gunner Class is a ranged base class that focuses on dealing damage to enemies from afar. Both Gunslinger and Deadeyes advanced classes are challenging, and the only difference is that Gunslingers specialize more on sniper rifles while Deadeyes specializes in Shotguns. 

Artillerists, on the other hand, are one of the tanky gunner class and wield heavy artillery like the Flamethrower. However, they are a lot slower compared to the other class. Sharpshooters use bows and have good mobility. However, you need to keep your distance from enemies while playing this class. 

Mage Class

Mages are another type of ranged base class that can inflict heavy damage and offers crowd control from afar. The Bard advanced class is a support class that uses the harp to heal and support allies. Summoners is an advanced class that you can choose if you would like to summon pets or spirits to charge through enemy lines. This mage class is also beginner-friendly. 

Assassin Class

The Assassin base class specializes in using the shadows to swiftly deal damage to enemies and get out of combat. Shadow hunters have both melees and ranged attacks that they can use depending on the enemy they are facing. 

Death Blades, on the other hand, uses quick and powerful cuts against enemies, dealing continuous damage. However, they have a low HP, so be sure to dodge enemy attacks when you can. This type of class is suited for people who would like fast-paced gameplay. 

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