Lucky Number 7 Trophy Walkthrough – Resident Evil Village

Luckiest achievement in Resident Evil Village.

What seems more impressive then selling several items for exactly 777 Lei at the Duke? Well, a lot of things. Nevertheless though, there are many that are hunting some Resident Evil Village trophies, to proudly present on their profiles. The Lucky Number 7 trophy is a trophy, for which a player must sell exactly 777-, 7,777-, or 77,777-Lei worth of items to the Duke. This is a walkthrough about getting the Lucky Number 7 trophy.

Lucky Number 7 Trophy Walkthrough

Unfortunately, to easily obtain this trophy, a player needs to have completed the campaign of Resident Evil 8, at least once. This is mainly due to the fact that the ammo which unlocks after the campaign is worth 7 Lei for one bullet, which means that it can add up to exactly 777 Lei.

Without further ado, follow this steps to get the Lucky Number 7 Trophy in Resident Evil Village:

  1. Purchase the WCX rifle from the Extra Content Shop.
  2. Then, find The Duke, and buy the rifle ammo recipe and the WCX assault rifle.
  3. With the recipe, craft more than 111 of rifle ammo.
  4. After that, open up The Duke’s menu again, and find the selling/trading tab.
  5. From there, select the rifle ammo to sell to the Duke, and sell exactly 111 pieces. This will add up to 777 Lei.

You will receive the Lucky Number 7 trophy once the transaction with the shopkeeper is complete. This achievement is a bronze one.

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