Resident Evil Village: How to Get LZ Answerer | Lightsaber

Darth Vader VS Vampires.

As if 7-foot-tall vampires weren’t enough, Resident Evil’s developers had to top it all off with a clear-cut lightsaber in the game. Players were mind-boggled when they found out that there is a light saber in the newest installment of the Resident Evil franchise- Resident Evil Village. Reports came flooding in that you can imitate Darth Vader in Resident Evil 8. But how can you get the lightsaber, or more specifically, LZ Answerer, as it is so called?

How to Get LZ Answerer – Resident Evil Village Lightsaber

The first requirement to getting the lightsaber is that a player must finish the whole campaign at least once. After doing so, follow the next steps to get the lightsaber in Resident Evil Village:

Open the Extra Content Shop

From here, find the content ‘The Mercenaries’. Then, you will need to complete the whole content with a ranking of SS or higher.

Buy LZ Answerer – Lightsaber

Then, open the Extra Content Shop again, and you will be able to purchase the LZ Answerer. After this, you will need to go and buy the actual weapon from the Duke- the main shopkeeper in the game.

Have fun being Darth Vader for a day!

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