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1,5,7… or no?

In Resident Evil Village, you have most likely come across these combination locks, often times for drawers, cupboards, and similar. Most of the time, they can be unlocked by inputting the correct lock combination, which can be found somewhere at the location, or in the game somewhere. That is the case for Maestro’s collection lock combination as well! Let’s find it.

Maestro’s Collection Lock Combination

If you already found the Maestro’s collection lock, then you must have already entered Luthier’s house, which is an achievement in itself, since the key is pretty hard to find.

When entering Luthier’s house, look for a birthday picture on the wall. There will be date on it: ’27-09-17’. This is the Maestro’s Collection lock combination- 270917.

Go to the locked collection, and then input that combination to the lock. There will be some spoilers in the following sentence. From the cupboard you will receive the high cal. Magazine for the potent F2 rifle, and an interesting statue of a bird.

Continue looting the house, and you will find some additional gold among other stuff.

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