Metroid Dread: How To Break Yellow Block

Break them yellow boxes!

As you progress through Metroid Dread, you will notice yellow boxes that seem unbreakable even when you shoot them with your laser beams. Below is a guide on how you can break these yellow blocks to progress into the game.

How to get Speed Booster

To break the yellow blocks, you need to get the Speed Booster upgrade. To unlock this upgrade, you need to destroy the Central unit first located in Dairon. After destroying the unit, you will get the Omega Blaster and Omega Streamer. 

Use the blaster on the door to open it. After exiting the area, you will be chased by Yellow EMMI. You need to use the Omega Stream to destroy its defenses and defeat it. After defeating it, you will get the Speed Booster upgrade. 

How to use the Speed Booster

You can use and activate the Speed Booster while running. Simply press L Analog and continue running in the same direction to activate the Speed Booster. While activated, you can destroy the Yellow Blocks that are blocking your way. 

The Speed Booster will also gain momentum even if you go to another room. You can use this technique to destroy multiple yellow blocks even if they are in another room. Aside from this, you can damage enemies while the Speed Booster is activated. 

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