Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Best Elemental Damage Weapons

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Monster Hunter Sunbreak Best Elemental Damage Weapons

Monster Hunter is a great game in which you can have different players with varying ways of playstyles. This is because not only does Monster Hunter have multiple weapons to choose from, but they also have elemental damage on top of it which can vary the playstyle even more! But what are the best elemental damage weapons in the game? What if you want to deal as much elemental damage as possible? Well in this guide we’ll try to answer that question.

Best Elemental Damage Weapons In Monster Hunter Sunbreak

There are three types of damage in Monster Hunter, raw damage which encompasses Cut, Blunt and Projectile damage. Elemental Damage which are Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice and Dragon. Lastly is actually status effect damage like Sleep, Poison, Paralysis, Stun and Blast. Some weapons excel in certain damage types, and some excel at 2 at a time. Which weapon is best for Elemental Damage then?

Dual Blades

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A lot of you may have read somewhere that dual blades are the king of elemental damage and it’s easy to see why. Raw damage to the dual blades doesn’t seem that big of a deal, but fast attacks from the weapon benefit elemental damage a lot. The number of hits this weapon can make can have its damage amplified if you have the right element for the right hunt. Although some people may say another weapon rules the elemental battlefield.

Switch Axes

Now I know what you’re thinking, wait a minute, the switch axe is slow how can it compete with the dual blades? It’s actually been proven as far back as Monster Hunter Iceborne that switch axes can be another contender to the top of elemental damage along with the Dual Blades. Elemental Switch Axe builds have been popping out a lot lately and for good reason, this hidden gem of elemental damage has element phials which you can use to boost the element of the weapon itself, making it a great weapon if you want that damage type.

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