Monster Hunter Sunbreak: FREE Infinite Armor Augmentation Rolls Guide

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Monster Hunter Sunbreak: FREE Infinite Armor Augmentation Rolls Guide

A new update got released in the world of Monster Hunter Sunbreak. This time we will finally have the option of controlling which Augmentation Skills we can put on our armor. Well, we can but it might be a little tricky. This guide is going to help you out with it. This is what you’ll need to do to get the Infinite Armor Augmentation Rolls.

FREE Infinite Armor Augmentation Rolls Guide – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Since the new update got released there is a new way of how to reset your Armor Augmentation Rolls without actually spending the materials themselves until you finally get lucky and the skill that you’re looking for. Make sure to use the advantage of this cool little trick because most likely once Capcom finds out about it, it might be patched out or removed.

First of all, for this guide to be able to work you will need to turn off your autosaves. If for whatever reason you haven’t done that from before now will be a good time to start. Just go into your menu and open the Save Data. Then just tick off the Autosave option.

Source: Nintendo Sphere

Then go to the Smithy which is in the center of the town area. Open the weapon Augmenting Tab and basically unlock the option to be able to Augment a brand new weapon – A weapon that didn’t have Augmenting available to it. You can do this with a weapon you already have unlocked the Augmenting for, or do it with a brand new weapon.

Source: Nintendo Sphere

The reason why you wanted to Augment a Weapon first is that every single time you go into that screen with the Weapon Augmentation Option it resets the table. Or at the very least, it moves you forward at the table of Afflicted Skills that you were supposed to get in whatever armor set you wanted to choose from.

Now once doing this with the Smithy you will go into the menu and Save manually. Then re-enter the game and go back to the same Smithy you were before. And now you will begin the process of Armor Augmenting.

While doing the Armor Augmenting the game will ask you at the end if you want to keep the current armor result. For this always click NO. And then it will say continue Augmenting and press YES. This is actually going to continue the loop that you’ve started from before.

Source: Nintendo Sphere

If you do get the skill that you want good for you. But if you end up not getting the skill that you want you will need to completely back out from the Smithy. Now, this is crucial. You will need to quit the game. What you need to make sure when you click the quit game option is that you do not save the progress when it asks you.

Restart the game and enter it again. Now you will be back from the start. Go back to the Smithy and this time what you’re actually going to be doing is the Weapon Qurious Crafting Option. Here you will choose and upgrade any of the available options that are there. Save the game before quitting it again.

Then after the Qurious Crafting back out completely from the game. Close it by quitting it. Then come back again and open the Augmenting Crafting Option. This works because in the background the table and cycles are being turned. You will get fresh new options every time without actually spending anything. And then Boom! You will get the correct and wanted Augmentation Skill.

Now you can do this in a loop as much as you want. You can cycle and cycle every single armor until you get the perfect Augmentation Skill.

A big thank you to Nintendo Sphere from YouTube. You can check out his video where he explains it in more detail and information. You can see his channel by clicking here.

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