Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Qurious Weapon Crafting Guide

Qurious Weapon Crafting System Explained!

Monster Hunter Sunbreak: Qurious Weapon Crafting Guide

Monster Hunter Sunbreak gets looked after by the devs constantly which makes us the fanbase more than happy! With the latest update, there have been big changes connected with the weapon crafting system. In this guide, we will talk about Qurious Weapon Crafting and see how it works. 

Qurious Weapon Crafting Guide – Monster Hunter Sunbreak

There is a new crafting system that just got introduced with the latest update that just got released. 

The way this new Qurious Weapon Crafting works is you have to go into the new Afflicted Investigations which are the randomized Anomaly quests. They are also newly added in the latest update as well.

Once you go in here you’re going to see that all of them have a different level. Depending on this different level, and also depending on the monster you’re looking at, you are going to get different drops out of each of these.

Source: Autobot_Dawson

Go over to the Quest Counter girl and look at the quests under the Anomaly Quest investigations. Here you will see Main Rewards. They are on the right side of each different page that you’ll open here. That’s what you’ll need to look at. That is going to show you all the different Materials that you can get.

A ton of Variety of these Materials is needed for the Qurious Weapon Crafting.

A lot of times on the first upgrade for the weapons the materials which are needed are usually in the first 31 levels of the quest. There are also some materials that are called Dire Materials.

Source: Autobot_Dawson

To unlock more final slots you will need to get 50+ levels on the monster quest. 

When you find one of these that you want what you’ll need to do is quite simple. Go into the Investigations and find a quest that has that Material listed. Now, if you don’t have that material listed on there it means that you are not a high level enough. So simply just level it up and come back for the Investigation Quest and check the Materials again. Also, you can check some other quests that maybe do have that Material and do it that way.

You will use those Materials to either add an Anomaly Slot which can be one of these:

  • Attack Boost
  • Affinity Boost
  • Elemental Boost
  • Sharpness Boost
  • Rampage Slot Upgrade

Look under the picture of the weapon you want to upgrade and look at these symbols:

You will start out with 3 of these symbols. You can use Add Anomaly slot to Add a total of +2 more Slots. Each of these has multiple slots within and they are worth different amounts of slots. For example, Level 1 attack can be 2 slots, and then 4 slots, etc.

The most useful side of this Qurious Weapon Upgrade system is that it makes the most useful weapons that were previously weak and not fun to play with, making them very viable with this system. You can tweak them and modify them however you want. Which is a very welcome change indeed! 

That is how the system works! Make sure to try out all the different variations and build your perfect and most deadly weapon ever. As of right now, there are not a lot of builds out there since it is a fresh new update, but give it a couple of days and you can try out some variations too!

A big thank you to the YouTube user by the name of Autobot_Dawson for going into detail and information on how all of this works. You can check him out by clicking here.

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