Nightingale: How To Get Simple Smelter

Now you can make refined materials!

Nightingale is a survival action game that places players in an incredibly unique Victorian era fantasy world. They will need to face unique challenges while ensuring that all their needs are taken care of. So, you will be spending a lot of time dealing with getting resources and materials.

Many of these materials are crucial for your survival. So, you’ll need all sorts of crafting equipment and upgrades. This includes the simple smelter, which can be a bit confusing to actually use in the game. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get a simple smelter.

How To Get Simple Smelter

To get a simple smelter in Nightingale, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Purchase Simple Smelter Schematic from Essence Trader
  • Place Simple Smelter from the Crafting Menu
  • Build the Simple Smelter with the required materials.

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Purchase Simple Smelter Schematic

Starting off, you may be confused as to why a simple smelter is not appearing in your crafting menu in Nightingale. This is because you will first need to obtain the Simple Smelter Schematic.

You can purchase this schematic and more by visiting an Essence Trader in the game. You can find one in the Respite area of the Nightingale world. Essence Trader Ben is indicated below on the in-game map.

Approach the Essence Trader and interact with him. You’ll likely have come across him since the Respite is an area that you’ll be moving around often. Below is an image of what he looks like.

Once you interact with him, it will open a menu showcasing all sorts of items and schematics that you can purchase. Navigate to the option that says Crafting: Refinement.

After that select the Simple Smelter option. Here, you can purchase the Simple Smelter Schematic for 55 Essence Dust, the most common tier of Nightingale’s in game currency. 

If you’re still having trouble with the Nightingale’s complicated currency system, check out our Complete Essence Guide which simplifies it significantly!

Place Simple Smelter from Crafting Menu

Once you have the Schematic, now you can actually access the Simple Smelter. Open the Recipes Menu and make sure that you are in the Building Section. Here, navigate to the Crafting: Refinement option, as you did in the Essence Trader’s Menu.

Here, you’ll see that you can now select a Simple Smelter. Press the Place Button and now you can place it wherever you want it. You’ll get bigger bonuses if you make sure that you place the Simple Smelter in an ideal spot. 

Here are some of the bonuses that apply to a smelter based on location:

  • Sheltered
    • Protected from the elements
  • Well Lit
    • Nearby light source
  • Warm
    • Comfortable Working Temperature.

Build Simple Smelter

Keep in mind that after you place it down, you’ll still need to fulfill the material requirements. These requirements are:

  • x4 Stone Blocks
  • x6 Rocks

Once you have enough materials and put them into the blueprint, the smelter will be built. However, before you can use it, make sure that it has enough fuel and is lit for it to work.

After that, you can interact with it and see that you can refine all sorts of materials that you’ll need when you are playing Nightingale!

That’s everything you need to know about getting a simple smelter in Nightingale. We highly recommend that you get it, as it’ll make your crafting experience much smoother. Additionally, you might want to check out our Crafting Beginner’s guide that will help you make sense of the complicated systems!


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