Icarus: How To Fix RTX Toggle Not Working

Play Icarus with RTX!

Icarus is a survival game that focuses on surviving in an alien world. The game has beautiful graphics, and playing with your RTX on can make it more immersive. If your RTX is not working, this guide can show you how to fix this error. 

Is Icarus RTX compatible?

Yes, Icarus, which is fully released is compatible with RTX. It is one of the first games that use Ray Tracing Global Illumination, especially in an open-world setting. To toggle the RTX setting, you have to launch the game first by double-clicking on the game in Steam. 

Once the menu pops up, make sure to select DirectX12 and press Play. After getting into the menu, press on the Settings menu and go to the Display tab. The Ray Tracing option is at the very bottom which you can toggle on. 

How to Fix RTX Toggle Error

If you cannot toggle the RTX in Icarus and you have a compatible graphics card, you may be facing some errors. Go to Steam and Right-click on the Icarus game title. This should bring you to the game properties. 

In the General tab, add the word “-dx12” without the quotation marks on the textbox. Close the menu and launch the game, making sure to choose the DirectX12 option during launch.

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