Nightingale: How To Unlock Herbarium Card

Let’s tick another site of power off our list!

Nightingale Herbarium Site of Power Rooftop Boss Area

While you’re exploring the magical realms of Nightingale, one of the most important items you’ll be crafting are Realm Cards. These handy pieces of paper allow you to portal around to exciting new Realms full of exploration and danger. One you’ll encounter is the Herbarium Card, and in this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock it. So, let’s get started!

How To Unlock Herbarium Card

By the time you’re getting around to unlocking the Herbarium Card, you probably have a few cards under your belt. Like the other Realm Cards, the Herbarium Card can be unlocked by completing its own Site of Power. But first, you have to unlock the Herbarium Site of Power. To do this, make sure you have a Gear Score of 50.

Once you’ve got a high enough Gear Score, find the Herbarium Site of Power on the map of your Abeyance Realm and set off. As with the other Sites of Power, make sure you have plenty of Healing Salves. If you’re playing solo, bring an NPC follower with you too. These dungeons are tough to do alone!

The Herbarium Site of Power

Nightingale Herbarium Site of Power Entrance
What a beautiful welcome in a place where I might die!

As you near the Site of Power, you’ll see climbable blocks on the outside, so get to climbing! These will take you to the entrance, where you can pass the gate so long as your Gear Score is 50 or over. Once you pass through, find the Hope Echo on the bottom floor, and then get ready for some fights.

The Herbarium Site of Power requires you to climb up the inside of the tower to reach the rooftop. On each level, before you get there, you will encounter Bound Minions. Be extra careful, as some of these have a kind of flamethrower on their backs and are prone to exploding!

When you make it to the rooftop, you’ll have a mechanism to activate, and then you’re ready for the boss fight. This time, it’s a Fabled Automaton Knight, and boy is he scary. Not only will he summon smaller automatons, but the laser he shoots is powerful. If you’re not careful, you might fall off the tower!

Nightingale Herbarium Site of Power Boss Fabled Automaton Knight
Does anyone else get terrified when fighting bosses? Just me? Okay.

Your best bet when fighting these automatons is to use a pick. With the boss especially, aim for the glowing orb in his chest from which he shoots the lasers. This is his weak spot!

Unlocking the Herbarium Card

Take a moment to rest after defeating that boss, you’ve earned it! Do some breathing exercises, drink some water, and then head to the centre of the roof. Here, you’ll unlock the Hope Echo and our good friend Puck will appear.

Nightingale Herbarium Site of Power Puck
“Well done fighting that boss. Here are a billion more things for you to do.”

He’ll be ever-so-helpful and give you the schematics for both the Refined Enchanter’s Focus and the Herbarium Card. Naturally, you’ll need the first to craft the second.

The Refined Enchanter’s Focus requires:

  • 2 Etched Ingot
  • 4 Carved Wood
  • 2 Lens

And the Herbarium Card requires:

  • 1 Coated paper
  • 1 Vibrant ink
  • 25 Essence dust

So, get building, extracting, and crafting, because with your Herbarium Card in hand, you’ll be off to fantastic new Realms. One of these, the Herbarium Desert, is where you will find Nellie Bly. Keep exploring, daring Realmwalker, and if you want to read more Nightingale guides, here’s how to unlock the Puppy Twitch Drop. Adorable!


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