Nightingale: Venture Into An Abeyance Realm Guide

Venture into an Abeyance Realm with this guide!

The Realm Portal page in Nightingale.
Interested in learning about the Abeyance Realm? Let’s go!

With Nightingale’s Early Access finally open to players, everyone has a chance to hop into one of the most anticipated survival titles of 2024. A surreal mix of crafting, survival, portals, and Fae mischief, Nightingale is shaping up to be a whimsical, brutal adventure indeed.

Those who jump into the game blind will eventually experience everything the title has to offer, but there’s nothing wrong with being extra prepared.

As such, we seek to answer the question with our simple guide into the Abeyance Realm.

Venture Into An Abeyance Realm Guide

To learn about the Abeyance Realm of Nightingale, we should first learn about Realm Cards. These cards pretty much affect the various parameters set within a realm on the Portal Network. So, if you’re looking to make things easier or spice things up, these Realm Cards are the way to go.

This brings us to the Abeyance Card, which allows users access into the most beginner-friendly realm of Nightingale.

The map page showing a portal in Nightingale.
You’ll need to get to a portal if you want to hop into an Abeyance Realm.

Of course, you’ll need a Realm Portal if you’re going to access the Abeyance Realm. Next to the portal will be the Realm Card Machine, which you’ll use to set the necessary cards for the trip.

Careful though! Once you’ve set the cards, you’ll receive a warning from the ever-lovable Puck:

“Remain vigilant while the Realms align.”

For those who haven’t gotten the hint, that means enemies. So, it’s a good idea to take Puck’s advice and survive as you wait for the portal to open up. Thankfully, it won’t be too long, and you’ll venture into an Abeyance Realm before you know it!

Tackling enemies while a portal opens in Nightingale.
Careful now — these fellas mean business.

In case you’re interested: we also have a neat little guide concerning the biomes of Nightingale. Why not have a look?


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