Nightingale: What Are Sites Of Power?

Sites of Power: The keys to unlocking new Realms!

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As of February 20, Nightingale is now up and running on Early Access! As you join the host of Realmwalkers fighting for survival in the Fae Realms, you will quickly discover Sites of Power. But just what are they and how will they help you on your adventure?

What Are Sites of Power?

Once you’ve got the tutorial done and dusted, you will be given your very first Realm Card. This will lead you to your Abeyance Realm – a one-of-a-kind safe haven (of sorts) just for you! Here, you will encounter the various Sites of Power dotted around the map – but just what are Sites of Power?

Nightingale Abeyance Swamp Realm Map Sites of Power
Antiquarian, Astrolabe, Herbarium – just to name a few!

Put simply, each one is a mini-dungeon and the key to unlocking more Realm Cards. The first one you encounter, complete with its very own quest is the Antiquarian Site of Power. By completing this, you will unlock Antiquarian Realm Cards. Combine these with Biome Cards to enter brand-new Realms!

In order to unlock the Sites of Power, you will need to complete more quests and level up. Levelling up your Gear Score is the most likely method of unlocking the Sites of Power. Once you’re in, expect enemies and a boss in each one. You may have to put up a fight, but it’ll be worth it for the schematics which will allow you to craft new Realm Cards!

If you’d a dedicated guide for the other Sites of Power, you can refer to the list I’ve provided below:

Nightingale Abeyance Swamp Realm
Graphics Cards at the ready!

Nightingale is available on Early Access now, and will continue to develop throughout this period. Although Inflexion Games have not set a date for the full game’s release, they aim to remain in Early Access for 9-12 months.

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