No Man’s Sky Omega: How To Get The Best Start On Expeditions

A good preparation will guarantee you an efficient expedition run!

No Man's Sky Omega: How To Get The Best Start On Expeditions

No Man’s Sky is a survival exploration game where you explore many different corners of the universe. In the game’s latest update, the Expedition feature has received some changes that integrate it into the main game. With that said, it’s no longer a separate game mode.

With the new expedition system, players can now join the expeditions and bring along their favorite starships to obtain loot and rewards. Before you do that, the preparation phase is really important. In this guide, we will show you how to get the best start on Expeditions.

How To Get The Best Start On Expeditions

To get the best start on Expeditions, you’ll want to have the right Modules with upgrades that increase your chances of getting resources. There are also many materials that you should bring along that can be really useful as you go on the Expeditions.

SIDE NOTE: We have a complete guide which covers everything you’ll need to know about the Omega Update of NMS! Make sure to check it out for more valuable info.

Expedition Resources

Ideally, you’ll want to focus on Technology items in every single expedition that you do. Other than that, you can also consider using Modules to help you have an easier time:

  • Suspicious Boltcaste
  • Sentinal Weapons Shard
  • Sentinal Exosuit Fragment
  • Life Support Module
  • Movement Module
  • Launch Thrusters Module
  • Hyperdrive Module
No Man's Sky Omega Modules

You’ll also want to bring along these items:

  • Oxygen
  • Pure Ferrite
  • Chromatic Metal
  • Sodium
  • Cobalt
  • Ion Battery
  • Life Support Gel
  • Condensed Carbon
  • Starship launch Fuel
  • Warp Hypercore
  • Tritium
  • Di-Hydrogen Jelly
  • Copper
  • Carbon
  • Tainted Metal
  • Starship AI Valves
  • Gold
  • Di-Hydrogen
  • Ferrite Dust
  • Microprocessor
  • Wiring loom
  • Silicate Powder
  • Salvaged Data
  • Repair Kit
  • Star Silk
  • Inverted Mirror
  • Radiant Shard
  • Harmonic Brain
  • Hadal Core
  • Larval Core
  • Statis Device
No Man's Sky Omega Ion Battery

Universal Expedition Farm

Sometimes, your Universal Expedition Base can be sinking into the ground. To resolve the problem, simply go to a Save Point and reload it. When you open up the menu, there should be an option that says Reload Restore Point.

No Man's Sky Omega Reload Restore Point

If you are unlucky and don’t have Oxygen, you can always use an Oxygen Harvester. This is an Atmosphere Processing Device you can use to create Oxygen. To charge it, you can use Carbon, which is one of the materials that was recommended that you bring to the Expedition.

No Man's Sky Omega Oxygen Harvester

After collecting all the materials, you can always use the Medium Refiner to process raw materials into useable products and substances. For example, you can use the Cactus Flesh to generate Carbon that you can use for different purposes.

No Man's Sky Omega Medium Refiner

This is also the place where you can farm the Larva Core Eggs. There are some places with monsters that you need to fight and also places where you can pick up these eggs in peace and quiet.

No Man's Sky Omega Larva Core Eggs

Sentinel Ship & Atlantid Multitools

During your expedition, you can also spot a Sentinel Ship. To help you find it, here are the coordinates: -39.24, -148.70. After you’ve found it, you can choose to either keep it or scrap it for extra resources.

No Man's Sky Omega Sentinel Ship

Those are some tips that you can apply to better prepare for the next time you go on an expedition! Once you know how to prepare yourselves, you can start going on long trips to gather multiple kinds of resources.

To learn more about the Sentinel Ship, consider taking a look at the guide. It provides you with a description of what the Sentinel Ship is and things that you can do with it.


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