Outriders: How To Properly Prepare For The Worldslayer DLC Guide

What’s important for the Worldslayer DLC?

Outriders Worldslayer DLC is right around the corner. Some changes are expected along with some additional items and mods. If you’re just as excited as we are for the release, you might want to prepare for it. We’ll talk about character & gear level, resources, and adjustment to your stash.

Let’s dive into the details of what you should be preparing for the Worldslayer DLC.

How To Properly Prepare For The DLC GuideOutriders Worldslayer

What’s important to take note for the Worldslayer DLC are three things, your levels, resources and stash. It’s important because of the upcoming changes with the game, new enemies, new loots, new mods and so much more.  

  • Character and Gear Level

Levels are important for the Worldslayer gameplay, this is an endgame campaign where enemies are tougher to kill. It is important to have your character to its maximum level (30) as well as maximum gear level (50).

Grind for some legendary gears and we guarantee that you can progress smoother in Worldslayer right from the get-go.

Max Character and Gear level

Although Worldslayer has a level boosting mechanic where your new character can get to level 30 instantly, you are still lacking of gear. What’s the use of max character level when you don’t have the proper weapon and armor?

  • Resources

Getting your resources to its maximum cap is also important for further progress. Once you are farmed, upgrading your current and new gears will not be hassle. The Worldslayer DLC will change Max Gear Equip Level to Level 75 (previously 50). So, expect some heavy upgrading ahead.

Max Resources

Shards are also a main aspect of resources. You might want to consider transferring your shards from main character to your alt character. There is a way to do this, simply visit Dr. Zahedi and ask for upgrade. Choose the gear you want and raise its attributes to max level. Put the gear into your stash, transfer it to the other characters and dismantle it. This also work with gear mods by the way!

Now some methods to grind for resources are: Expeditions and Eye of the Storm. Just make sure to complete them timely.

With Eye of the Storm, it sure is a costly grind that requires 40K Pods, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Not to mention you get to choose one legendary gear once you completed the run.

Eye of the Storm rewards
  • Stash Adjustment

You might want to delete, transfer, or dismantle all the gears in your stash except for the gears you are going to use for the Worldslayer. Blue tier and green tier are basically worthless with the Apocalypse Items changes. Not to mention when you have a full stash, all the gear you looted will automatically be dismantled. Imagine getting a legendary gear just to be dismantled cause you have a full stash.

Apocalypse Items details

Credits to PlayDohBear for this comprehensive preparation guide, check his videos for more detailed guides about Outriders.

 We hope this guide helps you in preparing for the Worldslayer DLC. To sum everything up, you need to max out your character and gear level, grind to max your resources and adjust your stash accordingly. Happy farming!

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