Diablo Immortal: Which Class Is Best? | Class Guide

Is there really a Best Class?!

The biggest question of them all. But the answer can be really tricky. It cannot be finished easily with just pointing a finger at one class and saying that’s the best one. We will go over all of them here and say their positives as well as their negatives and pick out which one is the best that way.

Which Class Is Best | Class Guide – Diablo Immortal

There are various types of classes in Immortal. They are 6 but all of them have their differences, their weaknesses as well as their strengths. There are 2 melee specific, 2 ranged, and 2 kinds of hybrid classes that take something from both while adding something extra that these other 4 classes don’t have.

Each class has 12 skills while 5 are slottable and can be used while at battle. Very important to say that all skills are on cooldown type management. There are no resources that you need to keep track of like in the older Diablo games.


This is a highly aggressive class. You will go head to head with lots of enemies and not think about combat a lot. Just smash! You can dual-wield massive weapons to go over tons of enemies.

It is a self-healing class with every 3rd hit, which means really just smashing and hitting enemies is your thing. The main and primary thing that makes them very good, is that they are extremely simple and yet very effective.

They deal tons of AoE damage which means you’ll be going over zones much faster and dealing with enemies much easier. The only weakness is that sometimes they might not be in the melee range and their lower mobility. This hurts them the most.

This is the best PvP class.


This is a somewhat melee hybrid class because of the holy magic that is used while using the basic melee skills. It is a very tanky class that also excels at fighting in melee distance while simultaneously using holy spells to take down enemy foes.

You will be using a lot of crowd control stuns and AoE skills. It is a very good group class because it will keep on pulling enemies around you while making those same enemies focus on you.

If you want to feel like a real tank and undefeatable by the enemies, the Crusader is the class for you. You will take very little damage while dealing a bunch to NPCs. The biggest weakness is if you’re playing solo. They do have lower DPS than others so it will make battles last longer.

This is the Best Tank class and one of the best classes for PvP.

Demon Hunter

This is the physical ranged class. If you want to be feeling like a ranger and just move around the place as fast as light while dealing damage to tons of enemies, this Hunter class is the role for you.

They have a bunch of AoE spells that can bind enemies to their ground, slow them, and make them open to your high DPS attacks. Demon Hunters also can use mechanisms that are left in the environment to help you fight your foes.

It is a highly agile class that requires you to be constantly moving around the area while throwing out damage. The weakness is that they have really a low amount of HP which means that one mistake(like getting stunned or cornered) can get you killed.

This is The Best DPS class. Not very strong in PvP but the best at PvE situations. For a big portion of the players – this is The Best Class.


This is the magical ranged option. The players that usually love playing Mages, well this one’s for you.

You will be using powerful spells and combining them will make them even more stronger. You will be required to move around the area quickly while using all sorts of burst spells to bind down and take down your enemies.

Comboing your skills is the key to success with this class. They do not lack, but at the same time do not exceed at AoE spells. The weakness is that you have to rely on these spells, and they do have a longer cooldown. Sometimes if you’re solo you will feel like you’re out of options.

Fairly Moderate Class.


This is a hybrid class option. It is a physical melee class but with a twist. You will be very agile and use your agility and rabid fire attack power to take down your enemies.

They do possess some mid-range types of skills which are pretty good too, but mostly you will stick to hand-to-hand combat. They do have good combos that can be deadly. Their biggest strength and something you will have to rely on, is their ability to move around quickly.

They will not be tanky as the other melee classes so get ready to be full of action when playing the Monk. Imagine it as sort of a Rouge Barbarian-type style.

This is the Best Support class.


This is definitely the most unique class out of them all. It is a very fun class to play and it relies on summoning companions(dead minions mostly) that will guide you in fights. They use Dark Magic to burst big damage on enemies.

It is a mid-range class that sometimes can do well in melee situations. The biggest thing you’ll do of course is summon a bunch of guys, and using them to lead your way while you kill them from afar. You can use enemy corpses to your advantage too.

The real power comes from their big flexibility. You can have people fighting for you, you can do the fight from afar, you can engage in melee… Basically, Necromancers are very fun. They have all the classes in them but they do have a slightly harder learning curve.

They are fairly moderate in everything but still much better than the Wizard class. For some people, after learning that harder learning curve they feel like the strongest class.

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