Pirate’s Destiny: All Fighting Style Locations

To win any battle, you must fight as if you are already dead.

Pirate’s Destiny features a range of content that is inspired by One Piece. It brings this interesting content in a fun to play Roblox game that has quests, weapons and so on. Similarly, it also features fighting styles that are inspired by the iconic ones seen in the anime.

In this guide, we will show you where you can find all the fighting style locations that are currently available in the game. You can then utilize these fighting styles with your weapons and use a combination that suits you the most when fighting enemies. Let’s dive in.

All Fighting Style Locations

There are basically four fighting styles that are available in the game. One of them is Basic Combat that you come equipped with from the start when you spawn into the game. So, we will be mentioning the Fighting Style locations for the others.

In order to get them, you’ll be meeting with Teachers throughout the map that you can gain the Fighting Style for in exchange for Beli. These Beli amounts are pretty high so you might have to grind for a while before you have enough.

Fighting Bandits in Pirate's Destiny.

Orange Town (Black Leg Fighting Style)

The first fighting style that you can learn can be found in Orange Town. You can check its location on the map. From Starter Island, you just need to turn around and go straight from it while turning just slightly left.

Black Leg location indicated in Orange Town in Pirate's Destiny.

Once you arrive at Orange Town, you will be at the docks. The Black Leg Teacher can be found on the left of the large stairs under a shadowy wall. You may not be able to make him out at first but look closer and you will see an NPC. 

Interacting with Black Leg Teacher in Pirate's Destiny.

Interact with the Black Leg Teacher, and he will tell you that he can teach you Blackleg Material Arts for a cost.

The cost will be 200,000 Beli. You can then purchase it from and equip it, replacing your Basic Combat fighting style.

Black Leg Teacher cost in Pirate's Destiny.

Baratie (Pearl Fighting Style)

Once you’ve gotten Black Leg Fighting Style, you can head to Baratie for the next fighting style location.

Enter your ship on the docks and then turn left, around the island, until you are facing the opposite side of the Orange Town dock. Keep going straight until you spot the small island of Baratie.

Heading towards Baratie in ship in Pirate's Destiny.

Leave your boat and jump onto the island of Baratie. Immediately next to the front entrance of the building, you will spot an NPC on the right side. This is the Pearl Fighting Style teacher.

Pearl Fighting Style Teacher Location indicated on Baratie in Pirate's Destiny.

Interact with him and he will tell you that he can teach you the Pearl Fighting Style for 500,000 Beli.

This is quite a lot of Beli, and it is likely that you will need to grind out some Beli before you can pay him. Once you have the money, you can get the Pearl Fighting Style from him.

Pearl Fighting Style cost in Pirate's Destiny.

Arlong Park (Fishman Karate Fighting Style)

After you’re done with the Pearl Fighting Style you can go directly to the next one using your ship.

While facing Baratie, turn left and go straight ahead. You will arrive at the island of Arlong Park eventually.

Heading in ship towards Arlong Park from Baratie in Pirate's Destiny.

Once you arrive there, look towards the back of the map. You will see a large mountain towering over everything. Head towards the top of this mountain by climbing it. 

Climbing top of mountain in Arlong Park in Pirate's Destiny.

At the top, you will see a blue NPC by the name of Fishman Karate Teacher.

Fishman Karate Teacher location marked in Pirate's Destiny.

Interact with him and he will tell you that he can teach you Fishman Karate for 250,000 Beli. Once you have the amount, buy the Fishman Karate fighting style from him and you can equip it.

Fishman Karate learning cost in Pirate's Destiny.

That’s everything you need to know about finding all the current fighting styles in the game. You will likely have to do a lot of grinding since the demands of the Teachers are quite a lot. But, eventually, you will be able to get them all and figure out which one is the best Style for you!

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