Pirate’s Destiny: How To Level Up Fast

Rising up the ranks real quick!

The Roblox game Pirate’s Destiny features a range of quests and islands. All this content tends to have level requirements and it makes sense that players want to level up as fast as they can. Even getting Haki requires players to level up to a certain level.

In this guide, we will show you how you can level up fast. This way, you can gain access to all the best content that the game has to offer. The game will also have new updates so you will want to stay on top of these by being the highest level possible. Let’s dive in and see how you can achieve this.

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How To Level Up Fast

When you’re starting the game, the best way to level up is by completing as many quests as you can. This is because these quests provide you with Experience and Beli. Experience allows you to level up and Beli enables you to buy some really useful items.

When you start out on Starter Island, you want to start talking to the Fisherman and completing quests until you are able to face the Bandit Leader.

You will notice that there are plenty of quests that are repeatable, allowing you to farm Experience.

Talking to Fisherman in Pirate's Destiny.

As you level up, you will gain Stat Points and we recommend that you invest most of these into your Sword.

The rest you can spread out into Strength and Defense. This will allow you to grind through enemies and bosses much faster.

Investing stats into Fruit is not that important as there are various ways in which you can get Fragments. This can be done through Raids which will be discussed further in this guide.

Stats Menu in Pirate's Destiny.

We also recommend that you go to Cactus Island and talk to the Sky Jump Teacher. You can learn the Sky Jump ability for 50,000 Beli.

It is a worthwhile investment as it will allow you to move around much faster. This way, you can reach your destinations much faster.

Sky Jump Teacher in Pirate's Destiny.

You also want to go through the Story Quests as quickly as possible. This is because they will allow you to open up the fastest way of leveling up in the game. These are Raids.

Raid Location on Cactus Island in Pirate's Destiny.

You will unlock two Raid locations throughout the game as you progress the Main Story. They can be found on Cactus Island and Baratie Restaurant. For the second Raid, you will need to be at least Lvl 80 or 90.

Raid Location on Baratie Restaurant in Pirate's Destiny.

The great thing about Raids is that they are repeatable. This means that you can grind them out and be able to speed up your level progression.

However, these raids can be extremely challenging as they feature a variety of bosses. However, they are well worth the effort.

Missy Boss Battle during Raids in Pirate's Destiny.

They also allow you to gain Fragments really quickly which you can use to spin better Fruits in the game.

You can utilize these Fruits to improve your combat and then do even better in the Raids. This will allow you to progress much faster in the game.

Raid Completed screen in Pirate's Destiny.

At higher levels, you might still want to level up even when you’ve finished all the story quests. This is so you can reach the max level of 300 and prepare for the future content coming to the day. 

Normal Quest Giver in Pirate's Destiny.

The way to level up faster at this stage is to look for quests where you have to defeat bandits or any NPCs that are on your island.

You will get these quests from Normal quest givers with blue exclamation marks on them. Instead of doing this quest, go to the location where the NPCs are. 

NPC enemy areas with corner marked in Pirate's Destiny.

Around the corner of these areas, you should notice another NPC by the name of Rogue Sheriff or someone with a red exclamation mark.

Talk to him and he will tell you to defeat half of the NPC enemies that you would have defeated with normal quests.

This reduces the time taken by half and you can then farm these quests to level up faster. However, at a certain level, he will tell you that you have reached the maximum level and can’t do the quest. This way you won’t be able to continue them, and you will have to rely on farming Bosses and Raids.

Rogue Sheriff with red exclamation mark in Pirate's Destiny.

There’s everything you need to know about leveling up fast in Pirate’s Destiny. Start by going through Story Quests as quickly as possible and utilizing strategies to make this faster. After that, you can start grinding Raids that you unlock via the Story. You will be rising up in levels in no time!

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