Pirate’s Destiny: How To Get Devil Fruits

Fruits are good for you. Even the devil ones!

The One Piece-inspired Roblox game Pirate’s Destiny allows fans to experience the content from their favorite anime. Since the devil fruits are featured heavily there, it only makes sense that players will want them in this game too.

In this guide, we will show you how you can get devil fruits in Pirate’s Destiny. There are multiple ways in which you can get devil fruits and we will go through each of them. This way you can decide which way is more suitable for you. Let’s get into it.

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How To Get Devil Fruits

There are basically four ways in which you can get fruits in Pirate’s Destiny. Two of them are through premium methods while the others do not require any Robux. Rather they require grinding and effort through playing the game.

Premium Methods

The premium methods for obtaining Devil Fruits can be accessed from the Shop. This Shop can be accessed through the menu in the game.

Menu with Shop Access marked in Pirate's Destiny.

The first method is by purchasing a Random Fruit from the shop. This allows you to get a Fruit from any rarity ranging from Common all the way to Legendary. You can purchase this for 800 Robux.

Shop Menu with Random Fruit marked in Pirate's Destiny.

The other method is by purchasing the Fruit Notifier from the shop. This notifies you about any fruits that are spawned.

It is a great method if you want to go the premium way, since Mythical and Legendary Fruits spawn quite a lot in the game.

Without a Fruit Notifier, you would have to explore the maps and look around trees to randomly stumble upon them. The Fruit Notifier can be purchased for 2500 Robux, and it’s the best premium method of getting Devil Fruits.

Shop Menu with Fruit Notifier marked in Pirate's Destiny.

Free Methods

The intended way of getting Devil Fruits in the game is by using the Fragment Exchanger. As you play the game, you will get all sorts of Fragments that vary in rarity from Common to Legendary.

These fragments can generally be obtained from Chests, defeating Bosses, completing Raids and so on.

Common Fragment item drop notification in Pirate's Destiny.

You can even stumble upon them randomly near trees where they will randomly spawn. After that, you can take them to Fragment Exchangers that can be found on most islands, including the Starter Island. They can be identified with a Fragment symbol above their head.

Fragment Seller with symbol indicated in Pirate's Destiny.

You can go to these Fragment Exchangers and give them x10 Fragments of a particular rarity. In return, you get a Spin with a chance to unlock a Fruit of that particular rarity. Therefore, you want to get as many Fragments as you can by playing the game.

Currently, the Mythical Fruit spin is not available but this should change once the new update rolls in.

Fragments Exchanger Menu in Pirate's Destiny.

The best and fastest way of gaining Fragments by far is by completing Raids at Cactus Island and Baratie Restaurant.

You will unlock these Raids as part of the main Questline. Therefore, you should work on completing main quests until you have access to these Raids.

These Raids can be farmed and repeated, allowing you to gather a lot of Fragments and exchange them at the Fragment Exchanger.

Raid Completed notification in Pirate's Destiny.

The other, but significantly slower, way of getting Fruits is by Fishing. You can get Fishing equipment from a Rods Seller.

During fishing, you have a chance to get Fruits. However, this chance is quite low, and this makes Fishing the inferior method of getting Devil Fruits.

Fishing in Pirate's Destiny.

And that’s how you get Devil Fruits in Pirate’s Destiny. We have provided you with all the methods available for you, so you can decide for yourself which one is suitable for you. After that, you can work your way to getting the highest Rarity Fruits and utilizing them!

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