Pirate’s Destiny: All Sword Dealer & Drop Locations

Who has the best drop?

Pirate's Destiny all sword dealers location
Pirate's Destiny all sword dealers location

This is a guide for all the sword dealer and boss drop in Pirate’s Destiny. On your journey to grinding your level and equipment in the game, you want to know the best weapon to wear at your level. And we’re going to cover the locations of the dealers and bosses that drop them here. Credits go to ItzSmilez on YouTube.

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All Sword Dealer Locations

Sword dealers in the game has this crossed sword symbol on top of them. You can also check boss drops when you’re close to them and read the “Drops” description under their health bar.

You start off the game with the Cutlass, a basic weapon with 2 skills: Elbow Smash and Air Slash. Simple and easy to use.

Sword Dealers

You can buy the first sword in the game from this NPC on Cactus Island. Cactus Island is a place that you’re eventually going to reach if you keep doing the story quest. On the map, it’s located in the bottom left corner. The Mace costs 30k Veli.

Pirate's Destiny Mace dealer

The Mace is a basic weapon with 2 skills, but if you can help it, avoid getting this weapon until you reach the next island, Shells Town.

Head to Shells Town which is west from Cactus Island. It’s not hard to find Zoro who is hanging out in front of a building after you reach the port. He’s an NPC who sells the Katana for 80k Veli here, which is a better choice of a weapon with 4 skills.

Pirate's Destiny Katana dealer in Cactus Island

Boss Drops

The Shark Blade or Kiribachi is a boss drop from Arlong. Arlong boss is located in Arlong Park, all the way behind Orange Town. It’s a long sail down in this general direction and it’s called the Long Gate Island “where the fishmen live.”

Shark Blade has 3 moves and they’re very straightforward with a strong, long-range move.

Pirate's Destiny Arlong Park location

The next location is in Maple Town where you can find the Night Panther boss who drops the Claws for 5%. Maple Town is just above Shells Town. Claws come with a set of powerful AoE skills which are like what the boss does when you fight him.

Pirate's Destiny Maple Town boss Night Panther drops Claws

The final sword is dropped by the boss Don Krieg who you can fight on the vessel-restaurant, Baratie. He drops the Battle Spear which has 3 moves. All of them are strong and the Spear Explode is a particularly strong ranged move. But they can be hard to combo.

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