Pirate’s Destiny: How To Unlock Haki

So you want to learn Buso Haki?

Pirate’s Destiny is a beautiful looking game that allows One Piece fans to live their fantasy of being in their favorite anime. All One Piece fans know Haki is and everyone is excited to get their hands on it in this game. However, the process of getting it is not immediately clear.

In this guide, we will show you all the steps that you need to follow to unlock Haki in Pirate’s Destiny. In this way, all the effort that you put into leveling up in the game will feel worthwhile. Soon enough, you will become a powerful warrior in the game!

How To Unlock Haki

Haki can be unlocked by going to Arcenkaina Island. You can see this island on the top right corner of the World Map.

World Map in Pirate's Destiny with Arcenkaina Island in top right corner.

When you reach this island, immediately near the docks, you will see an NPC. This is the Haki Guy, and he is standing next to a tree where there is a giant Gorilla King.

Talk to the Haki Guy and he will tell you that the minimum level requirement is not met if you are under Lvl 60.

The minimum level requirement for proceeding is Lvl 60. This means that you will need to return to the other islands and complete quests to gain experience. Once you’ve gained the minimum level, you can return to the Haki Guy.

Haki Island telling players that minimum requirements are not met in Pirate's Destiny.

But we recommend that you exceed this level as the challenges ahead can be very difficult if you are lower level.

Interact with the Haki Guy again and he will tell you that you need to fight Blue Gorillas on the island.

Haki Guy telling player to kill Blue Gorillas in Pirate's Destiny.

In essence, you will need to defeat 20 Blue Gorillas. This can be challenging if you’re lower level than them, especially since they can swarm you.

Fighting Blue Gorilla in Pirate's Destiny.

Once you’ve defeated the Blue Gorillas, return to the Haki Guy. Now he will give you a new challenge of defeating the Gorilla King.

This is not the Gorilla King that is standing next to him. Instead, you will need to look for this new boss on Arcenkaina Island.

Haki Guy asking player to kill Gorilla King in Pirate's Destiny.

To locate the Gorilla King, look for a torch in the distance while standing near the Haki Guy. Go to this first touch and cross the docks that form a bridge. From here, keep moving forward until you see another dock bridge that you can cross. 

Dock Bridge indicated leading to Gorilla King in Pirate's Destiny.

After crossing, you will see a gap between two hills on the right. Walk through this gap and you will find the Gorilla King waiting for you.

Gorilla King between two mountains in Pirate's Destiny.

The Gorilla King is an incredibly difficult boss because of its high level and devastating attacks. The Gorilla King can even start regaining HP at random intervals during the fight which makes the battle even tougher.

Gorilla King regaining health during battle in Pirate's Destiny.

This is why we recommend that you raise your level a bit more before you approach these challenges. It will make this challenge a lot more bearable.

Fighting Gorilla King in Pirate's Destiny.

After defeating the Gorilla King, return to the Haki Guy. When you talk to him, he will give you the Buso Haki Power. Now, you can use it using the J key.

Haki Guy granting Haki Power in Pirate's Destiny.

That’s the process of unlocking Haki in the game. If you continue to struggle with this part, we recommend that you return to the other islands and level yourself and gear better gear. This will enable you to better face the challenges given by the Haki Guy.

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