Pirate’s Destiny: Complete Beginner’s Guide

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Pirate’s Destiny is yet another One Piece-inspired Roblox game that has caught the attention of many players and fans. This game allows you to explore a lot of content inspired by the renowned anime, including Islands, fruits, Haki, and so on.

For newcomers, we have prepared a complete Beginner’s Guide that will show you everything you need to know to get started in this game. This way, you can get on your feet running and immediately start progressing. Let’s get into it.

Pirate’s Destiny: Complete Beginner’s Guide

The complete beginner’s guide for Pirate’s Destiny will cover a variety of topics. This includes the things that you need to do once you spawn in the game so you can level up. We will also cover main terms used in the game and how you can make your way towards unlocking Haki.

Starting off

After the character screen, you will spawn onto a Starter Island. The Starter Island will be different for each faction: Marines and Pirates. However, the underlying starting strategies are the same for either faction.

When you spawn in, talk to the Fisherman that you see nearby, and he will give you your first quest of getting some apples nearby.

Once you’ve fulfilled this quest you will gain various rewards. Look around the island and you will find various other NPCs that are offering quests.

Fisherman in Pirate's Destiny.

These quests will have you fighting bandits and fulfilling various other objectives. Go through these quests so that you can level up by gaining experience and Beli

Talking to Villager in Pirate's Destiny.

Eventually when you reach Lvl 11, you can go back to the Villager to face off the Bandit Leader. For the Marines, this will be the Pirate Leader. Defeating this boss gives you a 35% drop chance for a Cutlass. This will be the first weapon that you get in the game whether you are a Pirate or Marine.

Fighting Bandit Leader in Pirate's Destiny.

Traveling to Different Islands

After you defeat the boss and complete as many quests you can, you will want to start moving to other islands. You can open the World Map and check out different islands alongside their recommended level requirements.

World Map of Pirate's Destiny.

You can go to different islands by approaching a Boat Dealer for the Starter Island that you are on.

He can be found near the docks and will have a Boat icon on the top. Buy a boat from him using Beli and you can then go to the next island, Cactus Island. 

Interacting with Boat Seller in Pirate's Destiny.

Repeat the same steps here of completing quests and leveling up so that you can move onto even more islands.

Interestingly, you can even visit the Marines Starter Island as a Pirate and complete some quests.

However, there will be quests that you cannot do as they are only Marine specific. This is likely the other way around for Marines too.

Interacting with Jasper on Marine Starter Island as Pirate in Pirate's Destiny.

Using Fragments

As you play the game, you will gather some fragments that can be obtained from Chests and as you play the game. However, it isn’t immediately clear what these Fragments are used for.

Opening Chest for fragments in Pirate's Destiny.

Fragments are basically a way for you to spin for Fruits in the game. There are various Fruits in the game that provide their own abilities based on their rarities.

You can spin for fruits by going to a lady on your faction’s Starter Island, which has a Fragment icon on them.

Fragment Exchanger with icon indicated in Pirate's Destiny.

Talk to her and you will be able to trade in your Fragments to spin for fruits. Each rarity spin will require you to have accumulated x10 Fragments of that specific rarity to be able to spin.

Progress through the game and eventually you should have gathered enough fragments to spin.

Fragment Exchange Menu in Pirate's Destiny.

Getting Swords and Learning Fighting Styles

Weapons can be bought from different dealers that can be found on each island. Each Swords Dealer will sell you only one weapon and this will generally cost a certain amount of Beli.

Additionally, you can also get Swords as drops by defeating certain bosses throughout the game. Here is a guide which shows you all Sword Dealer Locations in Pirate Destiny.

Interacting with Katana Seller with Sword Seller icon indicated in Pirate's Destiny.

The principle is the same for Fighting Styles, except you need to locate Teachers throughout the game.

Each teacher will teach you a particular fighting style and they will ask you for a certain amount of Beli. You can find different teachers on different islands as you progress.

Here is a guide which shows you All Fighting Style locations in Pirate Destiny.

Interacting with Black Leg Teacher in Pirate's Destiny.

Getting Haki

Gaining Haki is something that many new players tend to aim for when starting the game. However, you will need to level up and reach a minimum of Lvl 60 to be able to get Haki.

Once you have reached this level, make your way to Arcenkaina Island.

Haki Guy next to tree in Pirate's Destiny.

On this Island, you will be able to find the Haki Guy. If you have the required level, you can talk to him and he will tell you to kill some Blue Gorillas in the area.

Haki Guy telling player to kill Blue Gorillas in Pirate's Destiny.

There will be about 20 Blue Gorillas that you need to kill, so utilize everything that you have to kill them.

They can be found nearby or by exploring the island. You might want to level up just a tad more if you have difficulty killing them as they can swarm you.

Fighting Blue Gorillas in Pirate's Destiny.

After defeating the 20 Blue Gorillas, go back to the Haki Guy. When you talk to him, he will tell you that you need to kill the Gorilla King.

Haki Guy telling player to defeat Gorilla King in Pirate's Destiny.

The Gorilla King is a very strong boss and it will defeat you if you aren’t a high level. You can find the Gorilla King on the same island.

Approach the Gorilla King and defeat him with everything you got. He is very strong and will sometimes even regain HP during the fight.

Fighting Gorilla King in Pirate's Destiny.

Once you’ve defeated the Gorilla King, go back to the Haki Guy and he will give you the Buso Haki Power.

He will not take Beli or other items in return like how the Sword Sellers and Trainers do. Now you have Haki, and you can use it using the J Key.

Haki guy giving player Haki powers in Pirate's Destiny.

That’s everything you need to know to get started with Pirate Destiny as a beginner. We recommend that you keep leveling up and exploring everything that the game has to offer. This way, you will be able to turn into a pro from beginner in no time!

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