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Pokémon Legends Arceus: Where to Find Linking Cord Guide

Trading evolution has gotten a whole lot simpler now.

In prior Pokémon games, Pokémon evolution can be achieved from a variety of ways. Battling, Evolution Stones, leveling up etc. One of those ways was a little thing called trading. Yes, trading. Even I didn’t know you could do that. if you’re unfamiliar with how evolving Pokémon through trading works, you can trade certain Pokémon to other players and they would evolve.

However, that method of evolution is no longer possible. Instead, Game Freak came up with an item called Linking Cord, which evolves Pokémon who used to evolve through trading.

So now that trading evolution is not possible, and Linking Cord is the only way to evolve certain Pokémon, where can you find it?

Where to Find Linking Cord Guide – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finding the Linking Cord is easy. You can find it at the Trading Post in Jubilife Village.

Getting it, however, is the difficult part. The trading post does not accept money. Instead, they accept Merit Points.

Grinding for Merit Points can take a while, as the only way to get them is by finding lost satchels around the map. The price of one Linking Cord is 1000 Merit Points, while each satchel gives you 50 up to 100 Merit Points.

So, grinding for Merit Points is tough and time consuming. However, there is a way to get a Linking Cord for free.

There is a Request called Getting to Know Ghosts that rewards the player a free Linking Cord. The Request can be found in Jubilife Village and can be obtained by an NPC named Ward.

To complete this Request, players need to complete Gastly’s Pokédex entry and present it to Ward and then you’ll get the Linking Cord.

Gastly isn’t that hard to find and are common in Coronet Highlands and Crimson Mirelands. Go at night for maximum chances of encountering the ghost.

Once you receive the Linking Cord, you can either keep it or use it on Pokémon who can evolve with it. So far, the Pokémon’s who can evolve with the Linking Cord are Graveler, Haunter, and Kadabra.

Though if you do manage to grind enough Merit Points, make sure to spend it wisely, as the trading shop offers a lot more goodies than the Linking Cord.

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