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Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where to Find Springy Mushroom | Mushroom Cake Marketing

One springy mushroom coming right up!

Pokemon Legends: Arceus adds flavor into the story by adding requests in the game. Requests can vary, from catching Pokemons to gathering wood. One of the requests you can get in the game is the Mushroom Cake Marketing.

Springy Mushroom Location — Pokemon Legends Arceus

Before you can start the Mushroom Cake Marketing request, you need to complete the Story mission called “A request from Mai” first.

After this, go to the Obsidian Fieldlands and you should see a new request just a little south from the camp. The request is given by an NPC called Morel and he will ask you to bring him 1 Springy Mushroom.

Now, return to the Jubilifie’s Village and go to the Craftworks shop. Talk to Anvin and select Crafting Materials.

You can purchase 1 Springy Mushroom for 200 Pokedollars. Also, you can find some Springy Mushrooms in the Crimson Mirelands later on.

Once you have the Springy Mushroom, return to Morel and give him the mushroom to complete the request. He will reward you with 5 balls of Cake-Lure Base. A Cake-Lure Base is a type of provision that can enhance the flavor of other foods.

And there you have it, that is how you complete the Mushroom Cake Marketing quest!

What foods are you going to use the cake-lure base for?

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