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Polygon 6 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

Loot makes the dopamine go crazy!

The new and hottest game is out there and it’s Atomic Heart, a game set in the 1950’s where the USSR is technologically advanced due to Polymer, and we’re not talking about plastic!

This Polymer is a wonder liquid that boosts the technology of the USSR so much that there’s now robot drones, automated agriculture bots and even humanoid robot workers. Of course since we’re getting close to Utopia someone has to ruin it, and someone did which made the robots go crazy.

It’s your job to fix the situation, find the traitor and look at weird red refrigerators that look at you a little bit too much.

In this guide we’ll show you where to find all the upgrades in one of the locations in the game!

Atomic Heart: Polygon 6 All Upgrades

There’s a lot of upgrades you can find in Atomic Heart, some of them can change the way you use the weapon. There’s some upgrades there that only increases the stats while there’s some special ones out there you’ll need to hunt down.

These upgrades can be found in the different Testing Grounds or Polygons in the game and this is where all the upgrades are in Polygon 6.

When you go through the map you’ll see that it says in the area Testing Grounds 6, but when you mouse over it it’ll show Polygon 6. Don’t worry, they’re the same thing!

There’s a couple of upgrades you can find in Polygon 6, these are all of them:

  • PM Extended Magazine
  • Kalash Collimator
  • Electro – Resisting Robots
  • Snowball – Auger

Congratulations you now know to get these upgrades in Atomic Heart, now go out there and try to do it yourself!

Many thanks to WoW Quests for showing everyone how to do this, if you need more information on the subject then go check their YouTube video.

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