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Testing Ground 10 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

Ever been to China, Comrade Major?

While cleaning up the plants underneath Chelomey you notice that the environment you’re allowed to play in begins to increase in size.

This is all very good but if you have any experience with first person shooters that grant freedom of exploration then you should know that it’s easier to miss out on fat loot when you get to a point such as this.

Given that we want to progress with all the upgrades imaginable as much as you do, giving the guide a good read will be the best course of action.

For this location, we will focus on Testing Ground 10!

Atomic Heart | Testing Ground 10 All Upgrades

Getting all the upgrades in each facility will require a little bit of brain power from our Comrade Major, there will be less shooting here and more brain hurting but we’ll lessen all of that and just get you to the good stuff!

Upon exiting the elevator you just called from the surface, the first upgrade you will find will be the Kalash Extended Magazine.

You will get this by clearing the first two magnetic puzzle rooms and making your way towards the end of a narrow corridor, a bronze Lootyagin will be waiting for you here along with your upgrade!

The next upgrade is the MP Collimator, you can find this after going through a narrow passage that leads to the lower floors.

It’s inside a silver Lootyagin, just before you reach the last magnetic puzzle room.

Last but definitely not the least, the golden Lootyagin that contains the Trap Mine and High Intensity Modulators for your Fat boy and Dominator. This marks the last upgrade you can find for this facility.

Easy peasy! You didn’t even need to open fire on anything!

There are a lot to do with magnets and orbs, so be sure to acquire all of them!

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