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Polygon 10 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

Shove the orbs in the sockets!

After going through a thirty minute cutscene and a possible one to two hour tutorial phase underground the game finally opens up to you, this becomes more apparent the moment you step foot on the dreaded Testing Grounds.

You can easily walk up to a random boss here at any point while you’re badly underequipped so it’s best to find all the upgrades first before marching forward.

One of the easier facilities you can visit is Polygon 10, you won’t even need to fire your weapon while you’re there!

Here are the upgrades you can get your hands on during your visit.

Atomic Heart | Polygon 10 All Upgrades

Down in Polygon 10 are three Lootyagins that have upgrades you might be interested in.

These upgrades include an extended magazine for your Kalashnikov, a collimator for your Makarov, and some rockets for your Fat Boy.

Read through the guide to find out where they’re located!

Gaining access to the lower levels of Polygon 10 is fairly easy, the log cabin above hosts the terminal that opens the elevator leading downstairs.

This will lead you to a narrow corridor and two rooms filled with magnetic puzzles.

Clear those rooms and you will see the first Lootyagin coated in bronze at the end of another corridor.

The next room is fairly simple to navigate, you just have to vault over the containers and shimmy across the wall until you reach the part of the room that’s blocked off.

Once you make it out of the crawlspace make a left turn to get the silver Lootyagin that contains a Collimator for your Makarov.

The last Lootyagin will be located near the elevator that leads back up. It contains Fat Boy Rockets, a superconductor, and an energy module.

Remember to make use of those upgrades by having enough resources every time you talk to NORA.

Magnetic puzzles can be difficult, but pass through them and you’ll get your rewards!

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