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Testing Ground 1 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

The looting never stops!

After nearly three to four hours of being stuck in the Vavilov Complex, you’re finally given the chance to explore bits and pieces of the surface world. It would’ve been more ceremonious if you didn’t get ambushed again on your way but you’ll get used to that soon, you have to.

This freedom is given to you as soon as Stockhausen runs away from all the fighting while bidding you goodbye in the most sarcastic way possible.

Now it’s your turn to explore and rob the Testing Grounds of whatever upgrade they may have in store for you!

Atomic Heart | Testing Ground 1 All Upgrades

As a respected member of the Red Army (probably, you have amnesia) it is your duty to protect The Motherland and her assets by looting everything that isn’t tied to the floor for your own benefit.

We’ll show you all the upgrades you can get over at Testing Ground 1 to keep the ball rolling.

After fighting the HOG-7 Hedgie, you can access the elevator in the blue-domed building to get to the first facility underground.

You will be introduced to your first set of magnetic puzzle rooms shortly, beyond those rooms will be a bronze Lootyagin containing some synthetic material, three metal parts, and a Handle blueprint for your Fox.

The second Lootyagin will contain two synthetic materials, metal parts, and ammunition for your Makarov. An expansive converter can be found here as well.

Getting here is easy as you only need to clear the previous room of anything that’s moving.

From this point most of the layouts of the Testing grounds will always have the Golden Lootyagin last next to an elevator. Also this one contains more vodka, two synthetic material, six shotgun shells, and an Extended Magazine for the KS-23.

One more thing, Lootyagins are like music boxes, so if you’re ever near one just take a moment to listen to your surroundings and go where the sound takes you!

If you feel like the puzzle rooms are giving you a tough time, then learn more about the puzzles found in Polygon 1 to make the experience less of a hassle. Happy hunting Comrade!

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