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Polygon 8 All Upgrades – Atomic Heart

Chop the enemy to pieces!

One man versus eight polygons and countless robots that have gone rogue, who will come out victorious? Well it should be you of course, but that’s not the only reason why you’re pillaging these places! There’s loot in every single one of them that’s ripe for the taking.

If you’ve already been through one of these places and feel like you missed something then it’s not too late to go back! A place worth revisiting would be Polygon 8, it has a massive room in the middle that can lead to almost anywhere.

With us guiding you however, you will only end up next to a Lootyagin!

Atomic Heart | Polygon 8 All Upgrades

If you already visited the previous Polygons then you would have a good idea of how needlessly painful it is to navigate through one.

We’ll take the pain away temporarily by guiding you through Polygon 8. Get your gun out as you will need it!

The first Lootyagin will contain an extra saw for your Zvezdochka along with some vodka and two chemistry resources.

The magnetic puzzle room before that will contain more ledges for you to hang on to instead of actual magnets so it’s fairly easy to go through.

After plowing your way through the second room that’s filled with fire breathing roombas, you’ll climb onto some containers that will lead you to another corridor.

Go through the door on the left and the silver Lootyagin inside will have two superconductors and energy modules. The big prize for this one is a Thermal Scope for your Makarov and some Homing Bullets for the Dominator.

The golden Lootyagin will have a dynamo, a superconductor, and two chemistry resources. Amongst all of that will be an Energy-Vampire Block upgrade for your Electro.

The Testing Ground 8 is pretty sizeable, and it can be a pain to trial and error, but pass through it and you’ll have some great upgrades coming your way!

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