Project Slayers: How to Get Max Stats | Update 1.5

Demon or Slayer, it’s your choice!

With the release of Update 1.5 in Project Slayers, players have been blessed with a large amount of new content in the form of weapons, accessories, bosses, and a trading system. Keeping this in mind, this guide will focus on how to get the max stats using a combination of armor and accessories.

How to Get Max Stats

Here’s a complete list of gear and accessories you need if you’re going for max stats in Project Slayers, update 1.5:

  • Mask, Top & Bottom: Polar Set;
  • Haorie: Rengoku’s Haorie OR Murasakiiro Sutoraipu Haorie;
  • Uniform: Tengen Uniform;
  • Scarf: Red Scarf;
  • Lantern: Lantern of Everlasting Glow;
  • Necklace: Kesshoseki Necklace.

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Mask, Top & Bottom

Starting off with the Mask, Top, and Bottom gear slots, you want to have the complete Polar Set. This set is currently the best in the game, providing health, stamina, and weapons boost but also an increase in block and weapon damage stats alongside an Essence multiplier boost.

Polar Set


Next is the Haorie, a new gear item added in this update. The strongest Haorie by far is Rengoku’s Haorie which provides an incredible +250 Max Health, more than any other Haorie in the game. In addition to that, it provides an increase in stamina as well as weapons and breathing damage.

Rengoku Haorie

The only downside is that Rengoku’s Haorie is a paid item that needs to be bought using Robux. If you are unwilling to spend money on Project Slayers, then the second best Haorie would be Murasakiiro Sutoraipu Haorie.

Second best Haorie


Moving on, the best uniform is the game is the Tengen Uniform which provides an XP , Speed, and Breathing Damage boost alongside increases in health and stamina

Tengen Uniform

Similar to the Haorie, this is also paid. There is an alternative to get the Haorie and the uniform without paying. This involves using the new Trading Hub. Due to the popularity of the Polar Set, people are willing to trade both the Rengoku Haorie and the Tengen Uniform just to get their hands on a complete Polar Set.


Next up is the best scarf right now, the Red Scarf. This provides not only Health Regen but also an increase in Stamina, Damage, and Max Health.

Red Scarf


The best Lantern to equip for max stats is the Lantern of Everlasting Glow which provides a Health and Stamina Regen.

Lantern of Everlasting Glow


Finally, the best necklace for this build would be the Kesshoseki Necklace which provides a Speed Boost in addition to an increase in Max Health and Stamina.

Best Necklace


An optional step is to equip some Title for a minor boost as well. Most of the titles are RNG so keep that in mind. But if you really want to go all out, consider farming some titles.

Getting all of the required items for a Max Stats build will require a lot of grinding especially for the Polar Set so be prepared. We would love to hear from you in the comments if you have any questions or comments.

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