Resident Evil Village: How to Change FOV & Vignette Tweaking

No field of view setting in RE? No problem.

Resident Evil Village is finally here, and everything is impressive, apart from the fact that there are is no setting for FOV or vignette. It is strange how a game of such high-caliber and magnitude cannot have these options. Because of this, there was a huge outbreak of criticism towards Capcom, Resident Evil’s developers. However, some players have found ways to change FOV and tweak the vignette. Today, we will go through it, and show how you can change your FOV and some vignette settings!

How to Change FOV & Vignette Settings – Resident Evil Village

  1. Download the mod manager from Maceyaface- official download page.
  2. Once it has finished downloading, extract it in a folder on the desktop.
  3. Launch Resident Evil, and once the game has loaded, launch the tool.
  4. From the tool, you can adjust the FOV, the FOV zoom, and the vignette’s intensity.

The changes will be made to the game in real-time. You can go to windowed mode in Resident Evil Village for more conveniency.

This must be done each time you launch Resident Evil 8, and even though it isn’t that convenient, it is hard to ignore that this game truly lacks some crucial in-game settings. This is an unofficial tool, and future implementation of FOV and vignette settings is highly unlikely.

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