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Resident Evil Village: How to Combine Mechanical Part Cylinder

Oh, treasure!

There are some items in Resident Evil Village, that the players can find in the world, that cannot be used, and act solely as treasure. The same goes for an item that is found in the world- the Mechanical Part Cylinder. But its not like this item is only junk. In fact, it can be combined with another item, to make a Mechanical Hammer. Continue reading to learn how to combine the Cylinder mechanical part!

How to Combine Mechanical Part Cylinder – Resident Evil Village

Chances are, that you already have obtained the Cylinder. Because of that, we will start with where to find the other item needed to complete this treasure. For those who haven’t found the Cylinder, we will give its location as well.

Mechanical Part Shaft Location

Go to the Heisenberg factory. From the Foundry, make your way to the Heisenberg’s Quarters. You will need the Heisenberg Key to unlock the door with the golden horse. Be careful, there are enemies inside. The door and the location of the case are marked on the map below:

After you take care of the enemies, you can get the Shaft mechanical part from the case in the middle of the room.

Mechanical Part Cylinder Location

NOTE: Skip ahead if you already have the Cylinder.

In Heisenberg’s factory, go to the area west of the Engine Room, as shown on the picture below:

There will be a wall with a yellow ‘X’ marked on it. Place a mine there, and then shoot it. Go inside, and the cylinder will be in the case on the right.

Combining the Two Parts – Cylinder & Shaft

After you have the two parts, open up the Treasure items menu. Find one part, and click on it, then hit ‘Combine’ and OK. The item will combine into the Heisenberg’s Hammer.

It will be too heavy for equipping, but it is very valuable.

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