Resident Evil Village: Push Comes to Shove Trophy Guide

Did you just push me?

There is a common trend in gaming these days. There has been a niche created in the gaming community, all about trophy hunting. With Resident Evil Village now out, there are many that try to complete the game with 100% completion, and all of the trophies collected. An easy trophy to get in the game is the ‘Push Comes to Shove’ trophy. Below, you can find a guide to get the ‘Push Comes to Shove’ trophy!

Push Comes to Shove Trophy Guide – Resident Evil Village

Since this trophy is a bronze one, it is relatively easy to get it.

To get the ‘Push Comes to Shove’ trophy, players need to hold down the block button until an enemy hits the character, then, simply press block a couple of more times quickly.

This will do a special move in the game where it will push the enemy with a kick and a punch. A simple trophy to get, hence why most get it without even trying.

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