The First Descendant: Best Boss Killing Weapon Guide & Build

No Boss is a match for you with this weapon!

Become one of the Descendants and save the human race in this looter shooter game called The First Descendants. The game allows both solo and co-op while possessing various abilities and the chance to defeat dangerous bosses. If you want to know the Best Boss Killing weapon, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you all there is to know. 

Best Boss Killing Weapon Guide & Build

In this guide, we’ll cover the strongest weapon in the game to kill a boss along with its build. We’ll also talk about how to acquire that weapon, the pros and cons of it and much more. To put the suspense to an end, that weapon is the Tamer

The Tamer is an insanely powerful machine gun that every player should have in order to have an optimized boss battle experience. 


Boss battle in The First Descendants

The Tamer is a machine gun that runs with general rounds and has one of the highest DPS out of any weapon in the game. The only weapons you’ll find with a higher DPS than the Tamer are heavy weapons like the snipers, rifles, rockets and shotguns. These are not the ideal guns to use in boss fights anyway, since they run out of ammo pretty fast (unless you’re playing a character like Enzo.)

So, for a lot of players and their builds, the Tamer is going to be one of the most preferred guns. You may have also noticed its strength while leveling the gun yourself. 

Tamer Pros and Cons

Since no gun is without its downsides, the same applies to the Tamer. Let’s talk a little about its pros and cons.

  • Pro: Strongest gun with the highest DPS aside from heavy weapons that are not ideal as a main weapon for boss battles. 
  • Con: The Tamer’s biggest downside is that while you are shooting the gun, you move incredibly slowly. As soon as you aim down sights, your movement speed decreases. While you attempt to aim and shoot, you will move very slowly. 
Tamer aim in The First Descendants

This just means that you’re probably going to take some damage during your boss fights since you cannot jump around and dodge their attacks while aiming. You can only dodge their incoming attacks when you don’t have your Tamer gun aimed. 

Additionally, this gun excels on more tanky characters like Ajax, Kyle, Jayber and Gley.

Weapon Readjustments. 

The good thing about a Tamer is that it is a rare weapon. Unlike the Legendary that costs a lot to boost up its stats, a rare weapon doesn’t cost as much to upgrade, and it also maintains the rarity and strength of better-quality weapons. 

This also means that it uses its own resources for its weapon readjustments. So for the Tamer, it uses these Adjustment Control Axis.

Adjustment control Axis in The First Descendants

You can craft around 20 of these and they take around 10 minutes to craft a single one. You can roll it until you get the perfect stats you’re looking for. The highest stats you want to be looking for is a firearm attack percentage damage and an elemental damage. 

Rolls in The First Descendants

Since your Tamer is a purple weapon, it’ll be a lot easier and a lot less expensive to find some good rolls compared to a thunder cage or another legendary. 

Weapon Build

Let’s look at a good build that you could invest in.

Weapon Tamer build in The First Descendants

This build uses only 6 mods but they’re all expensive mods that will boost your guns stats by a lot. It includes:

  • Rifling Reinforcement
  • Better Insight
  • Insight Focus
  • Action and Reaction
  • Better Concentration
  • Fire Rate up

Additionally, if you fully catalyst your guns up and put a reactor, your gun can break over 500,000 DPS.

Rifling Reinforcement and Action And Reaction are two good mods that can be a part of your module capacity. Action And Reaction adds just a small but unnoticable recoil. These two contribute to a lot of damage. And since the gun has a slow fire rate, Fire Rate up will increase that and give it extra DPS. 

Now moving onto Crit rate and Crit damage, you’ll also want to build your weapon around a better crit rate using Better Insight Mods and around a better crit damage using Better concentration Mod. Notice in the image below that these mods give you a three times crit damage which is exceptionally high.

Tamer in The First Descendants

A 15% crit rate, however, is not as extraordinary but that’s just because LMGs in the game do not have very good base crit as compared to a gun like a sniper rifle who has a 55% base crit rate. So, building crit rate on the sniper rifle would be better opposed to building it on an LMG. 

We even have a detailed Guide that talks about mods and increasing overall DPS by x2 for your guns called How To Do 2x More Damage (Weapon Mod & DPS Guide), so check it out to maximize your gun’s build!

Now, let’s move onto the Weak Point Build!

Weak Point Build

If we look at Weak point damage of the Tamer it’s 1.5x which means anytime we hit a boss’ weak point with this weapon, you’ll end up doing 50% more damage against those weak points. 

Tamer stats in The First Descendants

This will work marvelously as long as you get a little closer since the gun doesn’t do well in far range or accuracy and also if the boss has a bigger weak point hit box. 

To improve this, you can even throw in an accuracy mod to help the accuracy of the gun in hitting the weak spots. 

Hawk eye mod in The First Descendants

So far, we can look at Weak point sight for 30% more damage, Weak Point insight for 20% more, a faster reload speed, adding an elemental like Chill Enhancement so you can include as many elements for bosses. We have fire and chill enhancement so that’s two elements covered. For a third, you can equip the Thunder Cage for Lightning.

Thunder cage machine gun in The First Descendants

With a more focus on Weak Points builds, you’ll have faster boss kills and higher overall DPS. So, that’s it for the Weapon’s stats, builds, mods, disadvantages and advantages. Naturally, you’ll also want to learn where to get this gun if you already do not have it. Let’s see where we can obtain the Tamer. 

Where to obtain the Tamer

To obtain the Tamer, you have a few options depending on which stage of the game you currently are on. 

  1. One of the first and easiest places to obtain the Tamer is the White Night Gulch
White night gulch in The First Descendants

If you head over to this location and then go to the observatory. You’ll see a mission called the Order’s Occupied Facility.

Order's occupied facility mission in The First Descendants

At the bottom of the mission, you’ll see that there is a 50% chance of obtaining the tamer upon completing this mission. 

  1. The Tamer also drops at level 100 from the Executioner boss.
Executioner boss in The First Descendants
  1. Another place includes the Void Fusion Reactor in White knight Gulch (which also has a 50% chance to drop the Tamer) 
Void fusion reactor in The First Descendants

The ones mentioned above are so far the main places you can acquire a Tamer for yourself so don’t forget to go ahead and do that! Get yourself one of the strongest weapons in the game to defeat any boss that gets in your way!

We also have a guide called How to Destroy Void Fragments that may be of use to you when playing so don’t forget to check it out!


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