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Everspace 2: Ceto Outer Rim 100% Exploration Guide

Fully explore Ceto Outer Rim with this guide.

Exploring space near planets is fun and beautiful. You get to see some wreckage that tells a story of something horrible that happened, yet once you see the view of the large planet, you forget all about it and focus on the beautiful view.

However, why limit yourself to just the space near planets when you can go out into space and explore? In the Ceto Outer Rim, you can do just that and see the beauty of space. In this guide, we will show you where you can find all of the cool places in Ceto Outer Rim.

Ceto Outer Rim 100% Exploration Guide – Everspace 2

#1 Bulletproof Container

There is a Bulletproof Container located inside a large asteroid with crystals growing inside. Fly inside and you can get the Bulletproof Container.

#2 Bulletproof Container

The second Bulletproof Container found in the area requires you to do a little bit of combat.

There is a group of mines that are blinking red in the distance. Approach the area but be careful when you do. Once you are close, you will see that the area is very hostile and will not hesitate to start shooting.

On the side of the area, there is a place where you can find two red canisters. There, on top of the left barrel, you can find the Bulletproof Container.

#3 Outlaw Damage Booster

The base also contains an Outlaw Damage Booster, which you should blow up in order to eliminate the buff that makes the Outlaws hit harder.

#4 Container and Shipwreck

Moving forward into the area, you can find a Container and a Shipwreck. The Container is a bit harder to find but once you are close, you can spot the marker on your HUD that reveals its location. 

The Shipwreck, on the other hand, can be found in what appears to be an asteroid that was blown open, presumably by the shipwreck inside. 

#5 Aetheum Crystal Deposit

In the destroyed asteroid, look around until you spot the Aetheum Crystal Deposit. It’s easy to find and very near you.

#6 Rigged Asteroid

Near the Aetheum Crystal Deposit, you can find a Rigged Asteroid. What makes this one different from the other asteroids is that this one is full of resources that you can get, which is why it’s rigged with explosives.

However, due to unknown reasons, it never went through. But you can do it yourself by triggering all detonators and blowing it up.

#7 Two Aetheum Crystal Deposits

There are two Aetheum Crystal Deposits located near each other.

From the Rigged Asteroid location, look around until you find the Aetheum Crystal Deposit markers on your HUD. They’re not too far from each other.

#8 Two Aetheum Crystal Deposits

Another set of Aetheum Crystal Deposits can be found a bit farther away from the last set of deposits. You can easily find this one because it is near a large mining laser.

#9 Bulletproof Container

This Bulletproof Container is located near the last Bulletproof Container you found.

From the last Bulletproof Container, turn around and you will find an asteroid with an orange glowing wall for you to break. Behind the wall is the Bulletproof Container.

#10 Shipwreck

There is a Shipwreck that you can find in between two asteroids.

#11 Bulletproof Container 

Fly to The Flying Dutchess and look around until you find the Bulletproof Container marker on your HUD. Be careful though, as there are mines near the container. 

#12 Bulletproof Container

Near the last Bulletproof Container, there is a sea of wreckage that you can find near there.

Fly towards it and you should find a large ship with some Power Cores floating around. Grab one because you will need it to open a door where the Bulletproof Container is locked behind.

#13 Container

In the same room, there is a regular Container locked behind a door. Use a Power Core to open it and grab the contents of the Container.

#14 Iron Deposit

The last thing you need to get now is the Iron Deposit that is located near the containers on the ship you were just in.

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