The First Descendant: How To Get Energy Activators

Want to increase your Module Capacity? Energy Activators are what you need!

The First Descendant: How To Get Energy Activators

If you’ve been playing The First Descendant for quite some time, then you must’ve come to the realization of the endless grind for materials and upgrades. Of course, you’ll need it if you want to your Descendant to become stronger and make progress in the game. One of the materials you’ll need are Energy Activators, which increases the Module Capacity of your Descendant or weapon – Modules play a huge role on your numbers! So, without further delay, here’s a guide which shows you how to get the material.

How To Get Energy Activators

In order to obtain Energy Activators in The First Descendant, there’s no other way to do it other than collecting the required materials and crafting the Energy Activators. First up, locate Anais, you can find her on the east side of Albian, who is the key NPC responsible for crafting the item.

To craft an energy activator, you need to gather specific components from various locations. For reference, the components include:

  • Conductive Metallic Foils: You can obtain it by opening encrypted storage boxes or encrypted vaults.
  • Energy Activator Blueprint: For this one, you can get it from Amorphous Materials.
  • Heat Plasma Battery: Dropped by enemies.
  • Hagios Low Carbon Activators: Dropped by enemies in Kingston.
  • Polyatomic Ion Particles: Dropped by enemies in Fortress.
Anais location for crafting Energy Activators in The First Descendant.

By pressing the “F” button, players can view a list of missions and locations where specific resources can be acquired. Completing missions from the list above will eventually yield the needed materials or blueprints. Additionally, 750,000 gold is required to complete the crafting process.

Once all the necessary materials are collected, you can then approach Anais to initiate the crafting process, which takes approximately a day to complete. After obtaining the Energy Activator, you can then use it to increase the total Module Capacity of a chosen Descendant or weapon, enhancing its capabilities.

And that’s everything you need to know on getting Energy Activators in The First Descendant. It might take you a couple hours to grind for the materials, and around a day for the crafting process.

But nonetheless, it’ll be worth it once you get the Module Capacity upgrade, which will help you tremendously on empowering your Descendant. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Now that you have more Module Capacity, here’s the best Transcendent Module farm in the game!


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