The First Descendant: How To Unlock Sharen Guide

Let’s hope the RNG gods favor you for this one!

The First Descendant fans rejoice! You can have access to another character in the form of Sharen – who you can actually unlock for free. Unfortunately, the method of getting her can be incredibly grindy and luck based. So, we’ll be looking at the easiest way possible to get her.

In this guide, we’ll go through all the requirements that you need to fulfill to unlock Sharen for free. We’ll also provide tips and tricks that can help you tick them off faster and more efficiently. So, let’s get into this The First Descendant guide!

How To Unlock Sharen Guide

Unlocking Sharen is not a straightforward or guaranteed process in The First Descendant. This is because the Research Material that you need for her is dependent on luck. Each of these materials that you need have a chance to drop from specific dungeons.

As a result, you’ll likely need to grind out quite a few dungeons until you can get all the materials needed. Some players have reportedly had to try 20 times until they were able to get a drop! So keep that in mind when you attempt to unlock Sharen.

If you’re looking to get her for free, there is no other way to get it. With that said, let’s get into the requirements.

Sharen Unlock Requirements

To unlock Sharen for free in The First Descendant, you’ll need to first go to Anais at the Research Institute in The First Descendant. Interact with her and go to the Research Request menu.

Here, select the Descendant option and locate Sharen in the list of characters. Click on her and you’ll be able to see all the requirements.

Descendant Research menu in The First Descendant.

You’ll need the following Research Materials to unlock Sharen for free in The First Descendant:

  • Sharen Enhanced Cells
  • Sharen Stabilizer
  • Sharen Spiral Catalyst
  • Sharen Code.

Additionally, you’ll also need to spend 400,000 gold so that you can activate the Research for Sharen. Once you unlock it, you’ll be able to get access to Sharen after waiting for 16 hours of Research.

Now that the requirements are clear to you, we’ll look at how exactly and where you can acquire the Research Materials.

Sharen unlock requirements in The First Descendant.

Sharen Enhanced Cells Location

Starting off, you’ll need to get Sharen Enhanced Cells to unlock Sharen. For this, you’ll need to head to the Echo Swamp location in The First Descendant. Make sure that you have unlocked this area.

Over here, you’ll be running the Seed Vault Dungeon. You can find a convenient fast travel location directly across from the dungeon.

We also recommend that you enter through the Hub as opposed to the map, as it’s much more convenient.

Beating the Seed Vault Dungeon has a chance for the Sharen Enhanced Cells to drop. This means it’s not guaranteed you can get it, with only a 20% chance to drop. So, you’ll likely need to run this dungeon a few times.

Sharen Enhanced Cells for Seed Vault dungeon in The First Descendant.

Sharen Stabilizer Location

Next up, you’ll be heading to the The Chapel Dungeon mission. You can find this in the Echo Swamp location of The First Descendant as well. It’s in the Derelict Covert zone just north of the previous dungeon.

This is quite a long dungeon and again, the Sharen Stabilizer that you need has only a 20% chance to drop. So, you’ll likely need to run it a few times until you get it.

If you’re finding the dungeons too grindy, doing extra damage can make the process faster. Our How To Do 2x More Damage Guide can help you out with that!

Sharen Stabilizer for The Chapel mission in The First Descendant.

Sharen Spiral Catalyst Location

After that, you’ll be heading to another location, which is the Agna Desert. Over here, you’ll be running The Asylum dungeon mission. You can find it on the right side of the Vermillion Waste zone.

To get the Sharen Spiral Catalyst, you’ll need to beat the dungeon for a chance to get it. This Research Material also has a 20% chance to drop.

Some players have reported that they were unable to do The Asylum mission until they had completed the other three required dungeons for Sharen. So, you might need to do the same if you can’t seem to find this mission on the map.

Sharen Spiral Catalyst for The Asylum dungeon in The First Descendant.

Sharen Code Location

Last, but not least, you’ll need to get the Sharen Code. You can find this in the Agna Desert location of The First Descendant. You’ll need to run the Caligo Ossuary dungeon mission. This mission can be found in The Mining Site zone.

As with all the previous cases, the Sharen Code has a 20% chance to drop after you beat it. Run it as many times as needed until you get the Research Material.

Now that you have all the requirements, all you need to do is head to the Research Institute. Unlock Sharen from there and you’ll have her once the 16 hours of research time are over!

Sharen Code for Caligo Ossuary dungeon in The First Descendant.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking Sharen in The First Descendant! Once you have her, you can start doing missions so that you can get her leveled up. Doing some Recon Missions is a good idea, as you can also test her out.

Some players have found that Recon missions can be really challenging. Check out our How To Successfully Infiltrate A Recon Mission Guide. It will provide you with pointers that can make recon missions much more manageable.


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