The Quarry: How Many Endings Does The Game Have?

How many endings will there be?!

Players take control of nine distinct camp counselors as they try to escape the unknown horrors of Hackett’s Quarry. Throughout the game, you will make decisions and determine the activities of each character, which will impact the overall tale. Each action has an effect on relationships, narratives, and even whether or not a character lives or dies.

How Many Endings Does The Game Have? – The Quarry

The Quarry is a type of game where every little attention to detail is very crucial. This means that whatever it is you are thinking of doing while playing with all the playable characters, will have an impact on the ending and the whole outcome of the story.

Just as the developers have said in their interviews, every little choice, no matter how big or small, will lead to something different and at times, extremely unexpected. Basically, you are writing the story all by yourself.

There will be a total of 186 endings. The courses, router, and minor decisions taken while playing will affect not just the endings, but also how characters interact and feel about any given circumstance.

So, while there are 186 endings, there will be minor narratives that will alter throughout the game.

Also, we have to keep in mind that by exploring and finding the Cards throughout the game, there will be possibly even more endings.

And to answer that common thinking about The Quarry – no, not every ending includes the death of all the characters.

Depending on your decisions, several or none of the characters may be killed/die. Because there are nine primary characters, each death or survival changes the plot in a unique way and influences how other characters end up.

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