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How to Kill Everyone?!

The Quarry is a very interesting and fun horror story-driven game. Absolutely everything that you do inside of it, no matter how unimportant it may seem, every choice and decision has a huge impact on the ending of the game. Let’s see the Worst ending and the way of killing everyone. Let’s get started.

Worst Ending Guide | Kill Everyone – The Quarry

Chapter 4

  • Jacob Death- You will return to the campfire with the others shortly after the start of Chapter 4. There will be some noise coming from the bushes, and Ryan will be able to aim and fire the gun. Here, you must fire the gun twice at the bushes; Ryan believes there is a monster in the bushes, but it is Jacob who is shot and murdered. Choose this: SHOOT GUN > INSISTENT > SHOOT GUN. Your next decision is irrelevant; after a little scene, you will find Jacob dead in the bushes.
  • Emma Death – When you play as Emma, you will automatically enter a tree house (whether you take the staircase or the ground path, you will end up in the tree home). Choose “OPEN TRAPDOOR” for the first option in the tree home, which ends in a monster falling through the trapdoor onto Emma and ripping her to bits.

Chapter 5

  • In Chapter 1 you would need to break into the cabins as Abi to steal the plush toy, Dylan will be bitten by the creature in the radio shack in Chapter 5. What you need to do here is that Dylan’s hand be severed with a chainsaw (after he has been bitten: “DESPERATE” > “CHAINSAW”). If he becomes infected and you do not cut it off, things may alter later. So, to remain on track with this tutorial, use a chainsaw to cut off his hand; we’ll murder him in Chapter 9.

Chapter 6

  • Abigail Death – After chatting to Nick in the pool house where you play as Abigail, he becomes enraged and throws Abigail against the wall (conversation options are unimportant). The shotgun will then be pointed toward him. DO NOT SHOOT AT NICHOLAS (DO NOT PUSH A BUTTON). He’ll then transform into a monster and rip Abigail’s head off.

Chapter 7

  • When Laura is free to explore the police station, go back to bed, and sleep (DO NOT pick up the syringe from the upper locker). The next day, she would pretend to be in agony in order to entice Travis into her cell. You must SHOOT TRAVIS in his jail cell with his gun. When he approaches Laura on the floor, take his gun and fail the QTE to shoot him. You will then leave him bleeding in his cell (he will not die, he will survive the gunshot, and when you leave the jail, a popup on the right will state “Travis will murder you”). As a result, he murders Laura and Ryan at the end of Chapter 9.

Chapter 8

  • Nick Death – As Laura and Ryan, you’ll arrive at a red light tunnel where you’ll find a monster in a cage and hear a cop fighting with an elderly woman upstairs. Don’t stop Laura from aiming her rifle toward the creature in the cage (during the interrupt event press nothing). Laura then shoots the beast. It turns out that this creature was Nick, who had transformed into a monster earlier in Chapter 6. This will take care of Nick.

Chapter 9

  • Dylan Death – Choose the following options when operating the crane as Dylan at the scrapyard: WARN KAITLIN > SOUND HORN > Fail QTE by not pressing any buttons. As a result, the monster attacks Dylan, bursting through the crane’s glass and tearing Dylan to pieces. Failing the QTE is critical here since it prevents Dylan from fending off the monster.
  • Ryan Death – Laura and Ryan will fall through the floor after discovering a creature in the attic. Ryan is subsequently attacked by the creature, and he grabs the shotgun. SHOOT the creature – this is required to break Max’s curse and allow you to play as him in Chapter 10. Travis will stab Laura after Ryan shoots the monster (the result of Laura shooting Travis in Chapter 7 prison cell with a pistol). Select “AGGRESSIVE” when Travis strikes Ryan. Travis shoots Ryan in the face with a shotgun and kills him. You will need to fail the QTE too.
  • Laura Death – Laura is killed at the same scene as Ryan. Travis will knife Laura to death shortly after Ryan shoots the monster if Laura shot Travis in the Chapter 7 jail cell (the monster was Chris).

Chapter 10

  • Max Death – If you followed the above instructions exactly, Ryan shot Monster Chris at the end of Chapter 9. Max’s curse will be lifted, and you will begin playing him in Chapter 10. During the sequence at the docks, choose “SWIM TO SHORE” as Max walks to the end of the island. When Max gets to the shore in the following cutscene, a monster attacks and kills him with a bite to the neck.
  • Kaytlin Death – When the monster assaults in the lodge, choose “WAIT” (don’t flee), then DON’T SHOOT the creature. As a result, the monster smashes Kaitlyn on the floor until she dies from blunt trauma, after which it devours her body.

Congratulations! You have successfully killed the entire squad and got the worst possible ending of The Quarry. I hope this guide helped.

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