Tribes Of Midgard: Best Blessings Guide

Thrudr’s Wrath for the win!

Tribes Of Midgard: Best Blessings Guide

Tribes of Midgard is a co-op game for up to ten players that combines action, survival, and roguelike aspects. Here, you’ll have to use your teamwork and set of skills to survive and achieve the most possible. In order to become better, you’ll need to choose the Best Blessings. This guide will provide you with some tips and tricks on choosing the best of them.

Best Blessings Guide – Tribes Of Midgard

There has been a completely new addition of Blessing in Tribed of Midgard! This is fantastic news and can make beginners and veterans happy. There are over 90 Blessings to choose from meaning that you’ll have almost countless options for optimizing your character to your desired playstyle.

Each level will bring you one Blessing Point. Meaning that if you are level 20, you will have a total of 20 Blessings for use at your disposal. So in terms, because you can only get up to a level 50 as a maximum, you can only use 50 Blessings at a time for a character. That brings the question, which are the Best Blessings to choose from?

Stick with your playstyle. That is the most important thing that you’ll learn from this guide. But after that, if you want to give some other people’s playstyles that have worked, well give these a look.

The Best Blessings In The Game

These are some of the Blessings in Tribes of Midgard that are better than others:

  • Sword – It really depends on what is your weapon of choice. For this build, we went with a sword.
  • Thunder Embrace – This is the regular. Depending on what giants you’ll be dealing you will need to change this. Also, the Thunder One works with almost all of them.
  • Skip the Durability and the Trader ones. Only choose the Durability in the End Game where you’ll have legendary gear.
Tribes Of Midgard Best Blessings Guide1
  • Bountiful Grasp – Choose this entire lane if you’re going to play into singleplayer mode. It will give you a whole lotta more of items and good loot.
  • 6th Rune slot – This one is all the way to the bottom. You will pick up Acquired first. It will give you an extra slot for Runes which is a game changer.
  • Unwavering – It will increase your Total HP by a lot, giving you a lot of survivability that will lead you to not dying a lot. Especially very good in Singleplayer situations. Pick up the whole lane.
  • Idun’s Seedling – Giving you an opportunity to heal yourself and your team by placing a heal item.
  • Weakening Dew – By hitting enemies you’ll actually reduce their armor and stats. You can go ahead and keep going with this lane because it will help your entire team in the long run.
Tribes Of Midgard Best Blessings Guide2
  • Fast Revive – This is a must for any support class. Occasionally it doesn’t even need to be for support classes because you’ll need at least one of these in your team. By and large, having the ability to revive someone is crucial.
  • Potions – Getting the ability to have 4 potions will mean a lot of things. You will be able to buff up, heal, use a lot more things that will turn the tide of the battle to your advantage.
  • Thrudr’s Wrath – This is the lane that you’ll want to stick to if you’re going for the Berzerker type of play. It is basically heavily focused on damage-dealing characters.
  • Charged Shot – If you’re playing ranged and with a bow, well, do not go skipping out on this one. It will make whatever you’re doing from a range, much better and stronger, all things considered.
  • Movement Speed – This is highly useful in Singleplayer or whenever you’re playing a ranged character.
Tribes Of Midgard Best Blessings Guide3

That is it! Above all, we hope that this guide provided you with some knowledge of the best possible Blessings. Have fun choosing your playstyle!

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