Tribes Of Midgard: Which Are The Best Runes

Runes are an essential part of a class build in TOM. It might be a good idea to know a bit more about them then.

Tribes of Midgard is a singleplayer / multiplayer game (I know, it’s both!) that will send you into an endless fight in Valhalla. Sounds good, right? You can get your friends and kick some major Jotun butt in the deathless world of Valhalla. But you want all the bonuses you can get and you want to know which ones are the best. That’s why you’re looking at the best runes. Well, we know which ones can make a difference and we are about to tell you…

The Best Runes in Tribes of Midgard

So, to make this easier on the eye, here is a tweet with all of the runes by the official Tribes of Midgard tweeter handle- @TribesofMidgard:

They look amazing, I know. Now, here are the best runes in Tribes of Midgard, in our opinion:

  • Far-fetched

    This one will make your distance attacks 20% stronger. It doesn’t sound amazing until you realize that it means all bow attacks give 20% more damage.

  • Nothing To Hide

    The idea for this one is pretty funny. More damage for every missing piece of armor. In the beginning of the game this could make you a titan.

  • Lucky Loot

    The name says it all. Extra loot never hurt anyone! Get for great passive bonuses.

  • Soul Powered

    This one is a must. For every 100 souls you hold, your damage increases by a lot. The limit is 10000 souls, which is more than enough.

  • Seidr Weaver

    A really neat rune, it has a chance of sending magical projectiles at the enemies while doing combos. Great for defeat a lot of mobs.

  • Booming Shield

    This one is good for the tanks. Ever time you block, you create a pretty big explosion. Great for people that prefer counterattacking.

  • Kindred Impact

    This one will make you love shields. Together with Booming Shield, you will explode enemies and heal yourself and allies around you. Who said you can’t be the Shield Hero?

  • Pumped Up

    Dealing more damage if your mana is full? Say hello to all the warriors in the world. This will give you 20% more damage, my dear non magical friends.

  • Might of Mjolnir

    Basically Seidr Weaver on steroids. Great combo ability that gives you lightning attacks. Totally recommend it.

And these are the runes I would personally recommend you use to become a viking god.

Now, if you were wondering how to get all these runes, most of them are received by killing enemies. Sooo, go and kick some butt, and then use these amazing runes!

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