Tribes Of Midgard: Survival 2.0 Complete Guide

Is the new Survival mode better or worse?

Tribes Of Midgard: Survival 2.0 Complete Guide

Tribes of Midgard has gotten a new look and feel to its Survival Mode. It is completely different and that is why players have been struggling with how to pass the first couple of days without dying. This is a complete guide to Survival 2.0 and what you’ll need to do. Let’s get started.

Survival 2.0 Complete Guide – Tribes Of Midgard

Survival mode previously was a little bit of a drag, however, now it is completely reworked and for the better. They’ve added a ton more building capabilities and they have changed the way the Yotens work as well as changed the way that you’ll go about defending.

You’ll notice right out of the bat that there will be no village for you to defend. You’ll do the start of with a tree and this tree is super important. The tree will actually heal you a 1000HP per tick.

The first thing you’ll need to do is actually stay right next to your starting location. This way, the tree will heal you. Build your All Forge very close to your tree.

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Source: Triple G

You will also need to build your crafting stations in and around the tree as well. Make sure to put up a lot of walls around those stations so that random enemies will not be able to just walk up to them without a blockage in their way. Enemies can destroy them.

Next up is crafting yourself the new weapon – the Spear. When you’ve got this, get some tools, some flint, branches, pickaxe, lumber axe. The spear is amazing because of the range. But the big negative is that you won’t be able to block or defend yourself when using it.

You can’t use the Starter Kit for Survival Mode. You will actually have to go out and craft everything we

mentioned above. Some people hate this feature, but a lot of people love this too. This is how Survival mode is meant to be played.

Once you have the Spear, go for the Armor. You will need Yarn for the station, so go to the beach and defeat a lot of enemies. Heal up before you go to battle though (at the tree)!

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Source: Triple G

There is also the Blessings system that will allow you many ways of you healing yourself. There are in total 90 of them. The main reason they’re like this is so that you can branch and choose your own playstyle. Unlike Saga where you pick a specific class and need to stick to its traits and stuff.

Basically, match them up to your liking and become the character that you’ve always wanted to be. Once you’ve got a good setup of your Blessings, you will go to the Jotunn.

The first Jottun is little bit tricky to defeat. But with a spear and armor, also healed yourself at the tree or the blessings will make it much easier. Once you’ve defeated the Jotunn the game will sort of open itself more to you and you’ll be able to experience the Survival mode fully.

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Source: Triple G

Once he is down, you will go with a boat and look for the biggest Major Mainland on the map. This is where you can settle down and begin your survival experience. Now just build Shrines as much as possible to be able to repair your stuff, keep building all those things mentioned above and go for the Saga Bosses. They offer extremely good loot.

That is it! We hope that this guide helped you out with the new Survival Mode. A big thank you to Triple G from YouTube for explaining everything in detail. You can check him out by clicking here.

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