Type Soul: All Volstanding Guide & Showcase

That’s a lot of new moves!

Type Soul All Volstanding Guide & Showcase

When a new skill or move set is added into a game, you’ll want to know what it does. The new skills might be something you can use or something you’ll have to fight so it’s good to know in advance.

In Type Soul, the developers have changed some Volstanding skills and moves in the game. If you’re using these kinds of skills, you’ll want to know how they work so you can use them effectively. Even if you don’t use them, it’s good to know them so you won’t get surprised in PVP.

In this guide, we’ll show you all of the new Volstanding skills and moves in the game. We’ll go through what they’ll do as well as how they work so you can learn more about the game. Now, let’s see what these new moves are!

All Volstanding Guide & Showcase

There are a lot of Schrifts in the game with their mechanics, skills, and rarity tiers. All of them can change or have additional moves when you use them with Voltstanding or Vollständig. Here are the changes and moves that you get with each Schrift as you use Volt. Feel free to use the Table of Contents below to easily navigate the guide!

SIDE NOTE: There are a lot of Schrifts in the game, and knowing the best ones can be a challenge. Check out our best Schrift tier list to help you out!


The first one in this list is Balance and it has some good moves as well as a counter that can be great for PVP. This is also the only Mythic one on the list so you’ll have to be very lucky to get it! Here are the moves that this Schrift.

Z – Equilibrium

A great skill that buffs damage, defense, and speed for allies above 50% HP or heals allies below 50% HP. When healing it also replenishes Reiatsu.

Type Soul Balance Z Move

X – Fortune’s Greed

This skill is somewhat of a gamble because it takes the average HP of all your allies and everything else in the area. The side with more HP will get damaged and the side with less HP will get healed.

Type Soul Balance X Move

C – Misfortune Redirection

This move is the only counter of the set and it has a low cooldown. This skill doesn’t depend on any of your Orders but it might be changed in the future by the developers.

Type Soul Balance C Move


This is a Legendary-tier Schrift with a couple of new moves with Volt. It even has a move that auto-executes when you hit it with the perfect timing. Like most of the Schrifts with the new Volt, the T and G moves stay the same.

Z – Super Flash Nova

When you use this move you jump up and create a massive star-shaped blast that hits anything below. This can deal knockback and also cause a lot of damage! This move can auto-execute.

Type Soul Superstar Z Move

X – Super Fan

This move summons a fan named James that can revive you just as long you’re in Vollständig, and as long as he’s alive. It also gives you a defense and damage buff.

Type Soul Superstar X Move

C – Star Lariat

This move teleports to the fan, grabs a target, teleports them away, and then punches them sending them flying even further away.

Type Soul Superstar C Move


This Legendary-tier Schrift gets a bunch of new moves with Volt as well as a cool mechanic. If you’re in Volt and you die you get resurrected with half of your HP. Reviving decreases your Volt meter and you only have a limited number of revives.

Vollständig Passive – Dealing damage with Volt/Schrift moves regenerates your Volt Bar.

Z – Divine Shot

This is a move where you teleport up and shoot down arrows of light that can hit targets below. It also debuffs targets hit by the attack making them take more damage from Miracle moves.

Type Soul Miracle Z Move

X – Divine Presence

This is an AOE move where it spawns shockwaves of light around you granting you a short duration of hyper-armor. It also deals with knockback and ragdoll enemies caught in the blast.

Type Soul Miracle X Move

C – God’s Authority

One of the flashier moves where you summon the hand of God to slam down the area dealing massive damage and stunning enemies.

Type Soul Miracle C Move


The changes for the Legendary tier Glutton are a lot and you can even heal with some of the moves. Adding Volt you get a couple of new moves to boot, some of them can stun enemies and deal damage over time.

T – Maw

With this move, you shoot out a projectile that if it hits an enemy deals damage over time. It also heals you for a small amount of health.

Type Soul Glutton T Move

G – Devour

This move lets you do a short-range attack where you take a big bite out of your opponent. This will knock back and ragdoll an enemy when hit as well as heal you.

Type Soul Glutton G Move

Z – Splife

You slash forward and spin your weapon around damaging anyone caught in the area. This move also pulls enemies towards you making it easier to land hits.

Type Soul Glutton Z Move

X – Spork

You jump backward dropping an explosive trap that deals damage over time as well as heals you when it hits.

Type Soul Glutton X Move

C – Golden Crunch

You stomp your feet summoning a massive trap in front of you that knockbacks enemies away from the blast. You can activate the trap using Devour.

Type Soul Glutton C Move


This is the last Legendary-tier Schrift of the list and it has a few moves that can give you more Imagination stacks. The G move also changes to rockets at 100 Imagination. The T move changes to one big meteor when you use it at 100 Imagination.

Z – Thinking

You summon a clone that gives you Imagination stacks every second. The clone can be attacked and defeated, stopping the bonus.

Type Soul Visionary Z Move

X – Water Prison

You summon a cube of water in front of you that immobilizes anyone inside for a short duration. Great when doing crowd control or getting some breathing room from enemy attacks.

Type Soul Visionary X Move

C – Spatial Teleportation

You create a portal where you jump in and teleport behind the enemy target, you then attack them. The attack ragdolls the enemy when it hits.

Type Soul Visionary C Move

SIDE NOTE: Schrifts aren’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about in your builds. Check out our Item Value Tier List to know which items you’ll want to get in the game!


This Rare-tier Schrift now has a couple of changes to its moves. The T move doesn’t change but the G move now ragdolls when you hit. With Volt you have a couple of new moves as well.

Vollständig Passive – Thunderbolt gives you a new weapon in Volt that looks like two lightning bolts.

Z – Thunder Javelin

You jump up and throw a lightning bolt on the ground pulling enemies in. If an enemy is hit with this move it can break guard and it also disables their flashstep.

Type Soul Thunderbolt Z Move

X – Thundering Pulse

This move makes you throw a lightning bolt that explodes in multiple pulses stunning anyone hit by it. This move also disables flashstep.

Type Soul Thunderbolt X Move

C – Chain Reaction

You teleport to everyone in an area hitting them and causing their flashstep to be disabled. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect party members.

Type Soul Thunderbolt C Move


Another Rare-tier move set that has new moves with Volt. The T and G skills stay the same but you’ll get more moves now.

Z – Execution

This is an AOE move where you grab enemies around you and slam them on the ground repeatedly.

Type Soul Compulsory Z Move

X – Inorganic Control

This move lets you summon two stone hands that crush the enemy, it also stuns them for a short period.

Type Soul Compulsory X Move

C – World Hand

With this skill, you summon a stone hand in front of you and push it away. Enemies hit will be pushed away from you giving you room to move.

Type Soul Compulsory C Move


This Rare-tier Schrift gets a couple of new moves and some of them are quite flashy. Strangely enough, one of the moves doesn’t get much effect and is just a bunch of punches.

Z – Ground Flip

With this move you slam the ground sending your target flying up, you then teleport up as well. Remember to continue the combo while you’re in the air!

Type Soul Power Z Move

X – Dumbbell Enlargement

When you use this skill you jump up and summon a giant pink Dumbbell, you then throw it at an enemy dealing a lot of damage.

Type Soul Power X Move

C – Power Barrage

You grab a target and do a series of quick punches that end with a strong punch that pushes them away.

Type Soul Power C Move


This is the last Schrift of the Rare tier and with Volt it has some cool new effects that debuffs the other players. Not only that but it has a lot of stuns as well!

Vollständig Passive: Mindbreak – Enemies around you will periodically clutch their heads and be stunned.

Z – Nightmare

An active version of your passive ability where you summon a bunch of eyes around you. Anyone hit by the ability will be stunned for a few seconds.

Type Soul Fear Z Move

X – Gaze

This skill only works when a target is under the “Mindbreak” stun. You teleport towards them, grab them, and damage them before throwing them away as they ragdoll.

Type Soul Fear X Move

C – Thorns

Much like the Impale skill you summon more thorns that fly towards enemies. You can aim for this skill with your cursor.

Type Soul Fear C Move


This is the first Common-tier Schrift on the list and with Volt it has a few changes to the skills. The T and G skills now apply burn when you hit with them.

X – Full Burner Finger

This is a long-range move that can execute knocked players. You shoot out a cylinder of fire in front of you.

Type Soul Heat X Move

Z – Burner Finger

This movie has a lot of variants. One variant is a ranged move that deals damage and burns enemies. Another variant is your character rushing and hitting a target. The next variant is an AOE where you spawn a fire tornado in front of you. Finally, the last variant is like Burn Blade but with a shorter range.

Type Soul Heat Z Move

C – Burning Stomp

As the name implies, you stomp the ground with a fiery explosion. This move can auto-execute knocked players.

Type Soul Heat C Move

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This is another Common tier Schrift, so it only has a couple of moves. With Volt it does a couple of new moves, but the T and G skills stay the same.

Z – Cripple

You target one enemy and ragdoll them on the spot, great for starting combos or stopping enemies.

Type Soul Wind C Move

X – Twist

You create a large AOE where it ragdolls targets, it can affect multiple enemies. It also has a long range and can be aimed with your mouse pointer.

Alt Text: Type Soul Wind X Move

C – Split

You slice an enemy in front of you in half, it has a cool animation where the enemy is sliced from the torso. It stuns the target and you can attack them while they’re stunned.

Type Soul Wind Z Move


The last Schrift in the list and the last Common tier one. With Volt you get a lot more versatility and even a countermove!

Z – She-Jin-Zhao

You summon a blue ball that shoots forward in a line, the projectile guard-break, and has unlimited range.

Type Soul Iron Z Move

X – Crushing Fang

This move is a jump attack where you lunge at an enemy with your weapon. When it hits it creates a shockwave. When lunging you have some control of where to go.

Type Soul Iron X Move

C – Indestructible

This is a counter move that has a small windup. The move lasts 2 seconds and when attacked you automatically teleport on top of the enemy and attack back.

Type Soul Iron C Move

Those are all of the new and changed moves with Voltstanding in Type Soul. Now, go out there and try these moves out with the Schrifts you have! A recent update in the game added the AFK World, check out our AFK World guide to learn more about it!


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