V Rising 1.0: How To Unlock Draculin Servants Guide

The Draculins work for you now!

Control a newly awakened vampire in an open world game called V Rising. The world is split into 5 biomes where you can gather materials, build and upgrade equipment, and create your own home for the vampire you play as. With the full release of the game, you can do so much more, this includes controlling Dracula’s followers: the Draculins. This guide will tell you how to unlock them in V rising 1.0. 

How To Unlock Draculin Servants

Here you’ll learn how to dominate a Draculin and make them either your prisoner or servant. Draculins are one of the best servants to have in the game. They’re also the best servants to use to help you get the new End Game resource: Stygian Shards

Now, let’s see what this guide covers:

  1. Draculins explained
  2. Where to find Draculin 
  3. Dominating Draculin’s minds
  4. Tips, spoilers and perks

Draculins Explained

V Rising’s full release is finally here, and we received new zones and a new enemy called the Draculin. Draculins are essentially the followers of Dracula. Through Draculins, we can get the new Draculin blood type along with the ability to make Draculins your servant. 

However, it’s important to note that not all Draculins can be dominated. You can take on Draculin blood by biting any type of draculin and eventually killing them but only certain types of Draculin’s mind can be dominated. 

Here are the types of Draculins you can dominate and either imprison or make into your servants:

  1. Big Horny
  2. Small Horny
  3. Creepy Robed Guy
  4. One Armed Willy
Draculins in V Rising 1.0

Let’s look at where you can find these guys. 

Where to Find Draculin 

All four of them can be found in Ruins of Mortium. Try riding around the ruins on your steed with Blood Hungry Ability Enabled while searching for High Potency Blood. 

Ruins of Mortium in V Rising 1.0

But that’s not the only location you can spot them. Only 3 however, can be found in Prisoner Caravans that travel across Dunley and SilverLight Hills.

Prisioner Caravans in V Rising 1.0

Big Horny, Small Honry and One Armed WIlly are all part of the Prisoner Caravan. They have a greater chance of High Potency Blood so you might want to dominate them. 

Dominating Draculin’s minds

Now that we know where to find Draculins, it’s time to pick one and dominate their minds so you can capture them or make them your servant. You’re likely to get into battle with them, so start with standard domination techniques like lowering their health to one-third of their full-health.

Fighting a Draculin in V Rising 1.0

That’s when you can dominate their minds and take them home. You can do this either yourself or using Dusk Caller Rune. To use the rune, go to your equipment and click on your Dusk Caller rune.

Dusk Caller Ruin in V Rising 1.0

This will transport the Draculin to your nearest empty cell, so make sure to always have some vacant cells available for new prisoners.

Transporting a in V Rising 1.0

And that’s how you capture and unlock Draculin Servants. 

Tips, Spoilers & Perks

  • Tips: As mentioned before, it is important to always have empty cells available because you never know when you’re going to go on a servant hunt and encounter one with high potency blood. 
Cells in V Rising 1.0
  • Spoiler: You might have to be wary because there are squads that are Church of Luminance followers. They roam ruins of Mortium and might disrupt you from trying to get Draculins. 
  • Perks: Draculins get “Ruins Of Mortium Hunter” perks. This perk grants 20% more loot for the 2 available servant missions in Ruins of Mortium. 
Ruins of Mortium Hunter perk in V Rising 1.0

These servant missions are a good opportunity to obtain a good amount of Stygian and Greater Stygian Shards. 

Stygian shard in V Rising 1.0

When you no longer need Stygian or Greater Stygian Shards, you can send your Draculin servants onto missions that have the “Humble Appearance” perk for a higher chance of success.  

That’s all you need to know about your new enemy Draculins so you’re now ready to face them in combat as well as dominate their minds! Want some more tips and maybe a cheatsheet? Check out this Refinement Guide & Cheat Sheet for V Rising 1.0!


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